New construction of a private house in Vreden

Brumberg lighting project

Learning with a happy heart

How can we transform standard seminar rooms of an academy into vibrant learning spaces? How can we break out of rigid spatial concepts and design rooms flexibly both in terms of utilization and atmospheric conditions? These are some questions that had to be answered by the Arnsberg architectural office Keggenhoff |who are our partners in an intriguing modernization project of the IHK Arnsberg. The existing seminar rooms at the Hellweg-Sauerland Academy of Administration and Economics had to be transformed such that they could be easily adapted for various other purposes. Using sliding walls instead of fixed walls primarily created the variability in room size. Now, in order to be prepared for a wide variety of events ranging from seminars and company workshops to evening events, the decision was made to make intelligent use of light and illumination fixtures.

vitaLED®">® by Brumberg

Learning in a modern working environment. For students at the VWA Hellweg-Sauerland, it usually means that they have to attend their seminars at the weekend or in the evening after work. It's important, they are able to learn with full concentration and efficiency. It was in this context that architect Prof. Sabine Keggenhoff (certificate in civil engineering) asked her lighting designers (Gebro Herwig Engineering, Arnsberg) for the Brumberg vitaLED vital light. It offers a crucial advantage: The RGBW colored light ensures continuous regulation of white light (from 2,000 to 10,000 Kelvin) beyond the RGB color spectrum (red, green, blue). In this way, the blue light fractions in white light, which are essential for the human ability to concentrate and perform, can be optimally controlled.

If seminar rooms are to be converted into event rooms for evening functions, different colored, atmospheric scenarios can be implemented and called up via the vitaLEDvitaLED®">®control unit and illuminants. The interplay with light beamers and moving heads creates impressive luminaires ambiances that have wowed and intrigued the building owners. In this project, Brumberg supplied the control system as well as the illuminants. And since the latter had to be installed in existing luminaires within the context of modernization, Brumberg developed a special adapter ring.

The overall concept has been tried and tested in practice. The rooms can now be used in a much wider variety of capacities and the feedback from students is also overwhelmingly positive. This project is therefore a good example of what can be achieved when architecture, planning and lighting design work hand in hand.


Elegant lighting solutions for architecture rich in character

Particularly in modern new buildings, lighting must pick up on the basic architectural idea and set the scene. In order to meet the diverse requirements of the client, lighting designer Stefan Winkelhaus recommended lighting solutions by Brumberg. Luminaires supplied by the company from the Sauerland region of Germany optimally implement the basic theme of this design: The interplay of light and shadow with the use of light and dark surfaces. The building alternates between large window areas and dark parts of the facade, opening and closing in equal measure.

Beautifully bright throughout

The continuous light axis from the entrance via the kitchen and terrace to the garden is one of the special highlights of the project. It was important to design the illumination fixture such that it produces a lovely bright color of light. The combination of matching LED wall surface-mounted luminaires and recessed spotlights for the façade and entrance area of the house made for an attractive reception area. LED wall surface-mounted luminaires made of aluminum boast a special housing design in structured graphite. The light has a direct and indirect component, the light output for the upper and lower light cone can be variably adjusted. The most notable room for the lighting design was the open-plan kitchen and dining area with adjoining terrace. The large windows facing the garden provide plenty of daylight. In the evening hours, numerous Brumberg LED Recessed spotlights provide a very pleasant, warm white room light (2,700 K), which also illuminates the terrace whenever required. In order to visually delimit and define the kitchen as a working area within the room, a suspended ceiling is installed here. QualityFlex® LED Flex boards complement the lighting concept here and provide the room with additional atmosphere thanks to their indirect light. 

Project: New construction of a private house in Vreden, exterior and interior design

Architect: Engelshove Bau GmbH

Indoor Products: LED flex boards Qualityflex®, LED recessed spotlights (12144073)

Outdoor Products: LED recessed spotlights, LED wall surface-mounted luminaires (60110103)

Scope of services: Consultation, lighting design, product delivery

Fields of application:
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