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Frankfurt Airport

Lighting mood with BIRO Circle.

Brumberg Project Frankfurt Airport

At the airport, "just in time" is the order of the day for conversion. This was also the case for the implementation of the new lighting system for an office space at Frankfurt Airport. Brumberg's crew had clear announcements for the "connection times". The quick start: initial inquiry, two telephone meetings with the specialist planner, preparation and submission of the quotation, provision of two fitters, go!

The light of the rings.

The brief: to provide pleasant and controllable lighting for employees in a large office that receives little daylight. Consequently, an optimal light distribution with a color from warm to daylight white was required. And - in accordance with the Brumberg philosophy - a lighting solution that fits the function of the premises, the requirements of the people and the industry.

Aviation and floating ring luminaires. More precisely, the BIRO CIRCLE pendant ring luminaires, whose characteristics are just ideal for this task: direct and indirect lighting, rotationally symmetrical, deep-wide-beam luminous intensity distribution, and a light distribution through a microprismatic plastic cover.

Brumberg Project Frankfurt Airport

Ready for take-off.

As soon as all DALI drivers per ring size, the appropriate DALI gateway and the CCT control system had been included in the planning, the luminaires could be installed under the ceiling - 13 ring luminaires with a luminaire diameter of 2,500 mm to 6,000 mm mounted at different heights and adapted to the room architecture.

Now a few more skilful moves and the goal of the quick-start mission was achieved. And with two successes: firstly, the ideal lighting design for an open-plan office and secondly, an ambience that could switch from contemporary to futuristic. Anyone who works here has to deal with flights and airplanes on a daily basis, perhaps now occasionally imagining themselves on a journey through time in an intergalactic spaceship. Be that as it may, the project deserves an honorable mention, if only because it succeeded in not only satisfying the customer in a short time, but also inspiring him.



Video: BIRO CIRCLE at Frankfurt Airport.

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