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Discover innovative product highlights and new products, such as the additions to our sustainable LOOP® product range or the new highly efficient downlights.


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Light. That connects people and spaces.

We support small and large lighting projects from the initial idea through to implementation. With over 3,000 products for indoor and outdoor lighting as well as custom-made products, we realize well thought-out lighting concepts and ensure that buildings are illuminated in line with requirements. In this way, we connect people and spaces and create sustainable solutions.
In one sentence: We make light. For generations.


HUMID ONE LED moisture-proof luminaires.

Durable, resistant lights for special areas.

Particularly efficient for storage rooms, basements, garages or parking garages: damp-proof luminaires with LED light sources. These not only provide the necessary brightness, but also have a very long service life of up to 50,000 hours.

SOL Highbay LED highbay spotlights.

Safe, effective lighting for industrial facilities.

With their high luminous efficacy of 160 lumens per watt and an output of 80 watts, 120 watts and 160 watts in ascending order of size, the SOL Highbay LED highbay floodlights from Brumberg are particularly suitable for large industrial facilities, manufacturing, production, storage and factory halls.

Now NEW with multilumen.

MATRIX LED floodlight.

Flexible outdoor use.

With the MATRIX LED floodlights, we are expanding our range for outdoor lighting in private, public and industrial areas. The luminaires impress with their output of 20 watts, 50 watts and 100 watts and a luminous efficacy of 140 lumens per watt.


Cozy light for any ambience.

Table lamps are more than just practical - they are also a stylish accessory that adds a personal touch to any room. With a variety of color options available, from soft pastels to vibrant accent colors, table lamps can easily be matched to any decor.

The handy USB-C cable makes charging the table lamps a breeze, while also providing a convenient way to place them anywhere in the room without having to rely on power sockets.

Ring lights.

The functional and aesthetic eye-catcher.

Whether above the dining table, in public buildings or office areas - our ring lights cut a fine figure in almost any environment. In addition to their visually impressive appearance, the different product series provide the best results in terms of light in their own way.

Store lighting.

Excellent lighting for the presentation of goods.

Good lighting in store areas such as the changing room, sales area or meat counter is essential for interested customers to be able to identify quality features. Discover store lighting from BRUMBERG now to create the best conditions for your project.

LED panel lights.
Illuminate workstations efficiently.

The ultra-flat panel lights (11 mm) from BRUMBERG provide glare-free ambient lighting at the workplace (UGR < 19) as recessed, surface-mounted or pendant lights.

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Efficient downlights.
Essential illumination.

Our LED downlights set new standards in terms of performance, efficiency and user-friendliness. With impressive luminaire efficiency, they provide bright and uniform lighting with minimal energy consumption.


SUNNY LED surface-mounted ceiling downlight.
Indirect accent lighting.

SUNNY impresses "directly and indirectly" with simple bayonet mounting, flexible light color adjustment and an additionally available color ring for the indirect component.

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MOON LED recessed/mounted panel.
All-rounder for renovations and conversions.

Simply well made. Flexible hole size for ceiling mounting. Anyone renovating buildings is often faced with the challenge of integrating new luminaires into existing ceiling cut-outs. The flexibly adjustable mounting spring of the
MOON reduces potential "worry lines".


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