K3 Space concept

Brumberg lighting project

Extravagant and creative to the power of 3

In the planning and implementation of its new, own company building, the interior specialist K3 Raumkonzept from Bedburg Hau has consistently focused on fine, extravagant architecture and interior design. Already from the outside it is visible, here humans let their creativity with desire and passion free run. Transparency through large glass surfaces, reduced LED light, recessed exposed concrete walls that give space to emphasize the sophisticated lines. The upper floor sits enthroned as a large wedge on the first floor, drawing glances inside. The design is by Planwerkstatt, an international specialist in brand architecture. K3 took the building's formal language with its asymmetries and transferred it to the interior. It is white spaces that can be seen there. White ceilings, walls, floors, white LED lighting and desks that are as asymmetrical and angled as the building shell. Dark doors and shelves and wooden objects add contrast. The eye takes in the exciting situation, looking for and finding new ideas and details again and again.

Weykamp and Brumberg

In this project, the company Weykamp Elektrotechnik from Kleve took over the lighting design. The particular challenge was to find a lighting solution that would meet the demanding project aesthetically and functionally. The use of standard task lighting, for example using louvre luminaires, was ruled out from the outset. In terms of design, the solution was quickly found. A Brumberg LED surface-mounted ceiling luminaire (12075183) in the form of a dark cube was an excellent match for the lines and the theme of setting dark accents in the white space. Now, in addition to the design, it was also necessary to find the right light for the room in order to achieve optimal ergonomic working conditions in terms of good, bright working light at the desk. The Brumberg LED surface-mounted ceiling luminaire used is equipped with a 3,000 K, warm white LED light source. However, this did not match the room setting and would also not have been a good work light. Brumberg then devised a solution and converted the luminaire to 4,000 K (neutral white) specifically for this project.

An impressive lighting solution was created that perfectly matches the façade and the interior and provides beautiful, glare-free working light. In the end, it can be said that everyone's creativity came to fruition here. The result is more than convincing.


Project: New construction of company headquarters including interior design

Client: K3 Raumkonzept, Bedburg Hau

Architect: Planwerkstatt, Bedburg Hau

Lighting design: Weykamp Elektrotechnik, Kleve

Products: Surface-mounted ceiling luminaire (12075183) in 3,000 K and 4,000 K, LED conv. 350mA

Scope of services: Consulting, product delivery, product adaptation

application areas:
Office | Communication


Project impressions