Brumberg inspirations

Lighting solutions for private homes and object illumination.

The star architect Frank Gehry designed the main building of the Vitra Design Museum in 1989 taking inspiration from deconstructivism. The visitors are welcomed warmly by the Brumberg vitaLED lighting system right as they enter the building. The illumination fixture adorns it in harmony with the architecture style. Click here to find out more about the project.

Fine dining, bistro and bar rendezvous with each other at The Bernstein in Bielefeld. With the remodelling of the restaurant, interior designer Marieme Diene and architect Andreas Georg Hanke have created a spectacular highlight perched above the rooftops of the city. In an interview, they shed light on how the refurbishment was carried out, what role the illumination fixture played in the new concept and what materials they used.  

The focus of this project was the modernisation and redesign of the seminar rooms at the Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie Hellweg-Sauerland. Our objective was to create rooms that could be used for multiple purposes such as seminars, conferences and events. The use of the Brumberg illumination concept vitaLED played a pivotal role in the implementation. The RGBW coloured light is designed such that the room can be used for different purposes using different, easily controllable lighting scenarios.

The Hotel Seegarten project involving the extension of the loft house and the redesign of the lobby had a crystal-clear goal in mind: We wanted to create a "house made up of nothing but living space" that would transport "professionals and luxury lovers" into a world of warmth and comfort. In this context, the Brumberg lighting concept and the application of Brumberg Leuchten played an essential role. Ultimately, we succeeded in both emphasising and supporting the homely ambience in a very exclusive design vocabulary with a carefully staged light.

The brief for the Innspire Hotel in Munich was perfectly defined: The hotel and especially the rooms were to be digitally controlled, all functions were to be coordinated and all trademarks and facilities were to be networked. One of the most crucial elements in this respect was the lighting. Brumberg shouldered the task of planning and implementing the lighting in the rooms and suites, in the spa, in the restaurant and in the lobby.