Brumberg Education and Culture
Area of application
Education and culture

Light for education and culture.

Promoting learning and staging cultural treasures.

Focus on people and culture.

Educational and cultural venues are highly demanding places in terms of lighting design. In the former, people are the focus of planning; in the latter, cultural treasures determine how they should and can be presented. When it comes to learning, reading and concentration in schools and universities, good, glare-free lighting is essential. Balanced lighting scenes contribute to the well-being of users. Modern lighting management systems adapt the lighting to the various teaching needs.

Combination of different lighting systems.

Brumberg's dynamic lighting solutions, such as the BIRO40 lighting channel system in combination with various recessed ceiling spotlights, can be optimally adapted to the needs of users in educational facilities. Daylight-dependent lighting management as well as adjustable color temperature and luminous intensity promote well-being and concentration and prevent fatigue. For galleries, museums and collections, Brumberg develops lighting concepts with a mix of ceiling and wall-mounted luminaires, taking into account architectural, conservation and economic requirements.

Present and accentuate.

Cultural and artistic exhibits are all about staging. The light should draw attention, present, direct the eye, accentuate, build tension. The naturalness of the colors should be preserved without the light destroying the pigments by being too intense. Therefore, luminaires with the highest possible color rendering value should be used. In addition, direct light and reflections should be avoided so that the eye can view the work undisturbed. What must be realized in perfection in a museum also has its justification for private art collections.

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MANIOLA MINI LED surface mounted luminaire, IP44