Light for education and culture.

Dynamic lighting solutions promote the presentation of learning content and exhibits.

School and university, museum and gallery - education and culture can manifest in different places and charm people with a wide range of offers. Brumberg offers variable lighting solutions for standard-compliant and efficient Illumination fixtures in classrooms and lecture halls or for the interesting presentation of works of art.

Brumberg puts the focus on dynamic lighting solutions that adapt to people's individual needs. If the color temperature can be continuously adjusted and the illuminance individually controlled, people feel comfortable even in artificial light. Daylight-dependent lighting management has an additional positive effect on the well-being and biological clock of students, teachers and art lovers.

Uniform illumination fixtures in classrooms and lecture halls help students and teachers process information by boosting their performance and concentration. The best way to achieve this is with a blend of artificial light and daylight. Where digital media are used, no-glare light at PC learning stations makes work easier for the eyes and prevents rapid fatigue. In museums and galleries, an overall design concept should ideally ensure an appealing and no-glare presentation of exhibits. Here, both the architectural requirements of the exhibition rooms and the conservation requirements of the art objects need to be taken into account.

Art. no. 14664223
from 572,90 € *

HYBRIDE LED-floor recessed light, V4A, IP67

Art. no. 58274003
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Surface mounted luminaire, IP43

Available in 10 variants