Lighting technology. For generations.

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The forest has always meant much more to us people of the Sauerland region than what we can venture into here. It' s a playground and building site, adventure area and think tank for life. A place to marvel at, to be scared of, to hide in, to explore about, ... Even as children, we felt at home here - and loaded our inner fuel for the future.

The forest was and still remains a source of pure fascination for us at any time of the year, day or night. When we were young we were rather unaware of it - today it matters much more than ever. In the forest, we find our roots for connectivity, our inspiration for scenes of light and our drive for evolution.

Childhood experiences have culminated in insights into the elementary interconnections of light for people, nature and the environment - from the playful discovery of fire and light, through to the professional development and manufacture of luminaires for different types of buildings, applications and areas of use.

Our philosophy is rooted in the spirit of the Sauerland. Willpower, passion and focus on results, combined with humility and a sense of responsibility. For generations, these have been our beacons in working together. The Sauerland has always been our inspiration.


We have been dealing with lighting and luminaires for about 150 years. It all began in 1873 with petroleum lights. In the course of the company's eventful history, we have now become a leading German lighting manufacturer. We are a family run company and see ourselves as a pioneer for innovative and demonstrably effective products. Luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications are characterized by design, functionality, state-of-the-art technology and energy efficiency - with a focus on LED solutions.

Our products and services reflect our standards. We pay attention to what our customers want and need, and identify with their wishes and requirements. With this circumspection, we find the right solutions and take great pride in cooperation and outcome. All in all: Lighting technology. For generations.


Our identity: Brumberg is a manufacturer of luminaires for various lighting requirements.

Lighting technology. For generations now, we are committed to serving the respective spatial requirements in architecture with intelligent, sensible and controllable lighting. Something like a forest that is always "right" for everyone at different times of the day and year.

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The family business of Brumberg was founded in 1873 in Sundern. What began as a small family business in the beautiful Sauerland region of Germany has evolved through a continuous stream of development into an internationally renowned company.



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