Light. For generations.

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Listen, understand, implement. This is how we interpret our task to act with you as project managers. To develop lighting solutions for the benefit of people.

Consulting, sampling, planning, on-time delivery. Full service from construction supervision to commissioning and management. Focused on excellent lighting results with efficient energy consumption: through technically high-quality, sustainable luminaires, with one goal - full user acceptance.

By planning together, standard lighting solutions are created - also using special luminaires, which we develop and manufacture specifically for projects. Made in Sundern, Sauerland. With this attitude we develop continuously thanks to your requirements as a family business.

We have been dealing with light and luminaires for about 150 years. It all started in 1873 with petroleum lamps. In the changeful company history we have developed today to a leading German lighting manufacturer. We are family-run and see ourselves as pioneers for innovative and demonstrably effective products. Design, functional diversity, state-of-the-art technology and energy efficiency - with a focus on LED solutions - characterize our luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications. Our mentality is Sauerlandian. Willpower, passion and result orientation, coupled with humanity and responsibility. For generations, these have been our beacons in dealing with each other. The Sauerland is our inspiration.


Our product and service performance follows our claim. We listen and identify with the wishes and requirements of our customers. With this prudence, we find the right solutions and inspire in cooperation and results.

In one sentence: Light. For generations.


Our self-image: Brumberg makes luminaires for lighting solutions.

Light. For generations, our aim has been to use intelligent, sensible and controllable luminaires to serve the respective spatial requirements in architecture. Just like a forest that is always "right" for everyone at different times of the day and year.

Numbers, data, facts

The Brumberg family business was founded in Sundern in 1873. What began as a small family business in the beautiful Sauerland region developed through the continuous process into an internationally positioned company.







Trade fairs:

70 / year

Seminars and events:

97 / year

Gummi bears:

2.1 tons / year


GIRA are the ones with the switches. But also so much more. Smart home pioneers, KNX experts and future designers.


Light and water. Brumberg has a development partnership with the well-known manufacturer of award-winning designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. The result is the Sensory SkyATT experience shower, in which water, light and fragrance touch the senses in fascinating choreographies.


Intelligent, networked, sustainable, secure, flexible - our rooms and our requirements are changing. Building control is becoming more complex, energy management and networking are becoming more important. JUNG is guided by the principle: "Progress as tradition".

Hand schafft Wert.

The initiative for more appreciation and added value in the skilled trades. Here, the skilled trades are given a voice and craftsmanship takes centre stage.

Elektromarken Starke Partner.

The „Elektromarken. Starke Partner.“ of leading brand manufacturers brings together the reliable expertise and proven quality of the German electrical industry. Behind this is a range of high-quality products and services for the electrical trade.

Handwerk Innovativ.

Hi. is the digital toolbox! Always and everywhere at hand. The online platform that offers vendor-neutral media and cross-industry solutions!


Gira, JUNG and Insta have been networking buildings intelligently since the 1980s. The companies are among the initiators and founders of EIBA (now KNX). KNX is the first open world standard for home and building automation.


Inspiration for SmartHome trends and exciting information on current topics. make sense. Plan your home with the living space configurator. The advantages: Discover room functions, customised planning and reliable price information.


The ZVEI is one of the most important industry associations in Germany. It represents the interests of a high-tech sector with a very broad and extremely dynamic product portfolio.


FeelSmart is an expert in all aspects of professional smart building construction projects. What advantages does a smart building offer? FEELSMART supports building system technology based on KNX - the world's leading standard in building automation.

ZVEH Premium Marken.

The alliance for a successful future. The quality mark for guild companies stands for the achievement of necessary further training points - always up to date.

KNX Deutschland.

As the first member of KNX Deutschland e.V. from the lighting industry, we are jointly shaping the technical building infrastructure of the future on the basis of the proven KNX standard.