Outdoor lighting.

Optimal lighting for driveways, house fronts, terraces and paths.

Well thought-out lighting concepts for outdoor areas provide orientation, ensure comfort and keep uninvited guests away. Brumberg's LED luminaires stage the outdoor area in an energy-efficient and effective way - always with the highest product quality.

Light accompanies people through the night, provides security, helps with orientation, supports night work and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the garden and at parties. Good outdoor lighting is characterized by appropriate planning that takes up and continues specifications from the existing environment. Light axes can emphasize the spatial orientation, effectively staging individual elements and special features into focus.


Light. For garden and outdoor areas.

Product innovations and range extensions for outdoor lighting.

Browse through our new outdoor catalog and discover both expanded and new product series. Precise lighting for private and semi-public areas offers safety and orientation in the dark and is therefore an elementary part of your planning.


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With the onset of darkness, a new time of day begins.

With the setting of the sun, life goes on illuminated. The nighttime hours gain in importance - both from a social and an economic perspective. Night has become another "time of day" that encompasses many areas of life. Light accompanies people through the night, provides security, helps with orientation, supports night work and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the garden and at festivities.

Good outdoor lighting is characterized by appropriate planning that takes up and continues specifications from the existing environment. Light axes can emphasize the spatial orientation, effectively staging individual elements and special features into focus.

Private area.

For the entire planning, the accesses and lines of sight should be ordered. Whether it's a favorite spot, balcony, pond or veranda: traffic routes and the main viewing axis must be defined. Then the lighting design can start. Which transitions between light and dark are needed, with which shades a room volume is created. For safety, good orientation and a pleasant atmosphere. Perfectly illuminated, the outdoor area becomes a wonderful, natural extension of our living space.

Semi-public area.

There are several aspects to consider when lighting parking lots, plazas, parks, buildings and facades. The illumination of the areas, whether horizontal or vertical should always follow a good spatial perception through brightness gradation and shading. The brightness distribution should be balanced. Strong light-dark contrasts must be avoided. The glare effect for occupants and passers-by must also be taken into account. Unused stray light should be avoided in the context of efficiency and environment.

Outdoor facility.

First impressions count - even in the dark. With well-planned outdoor lighting, owners can enhance the value of their property. Light also provides security for visitors and suppliers. Homeowners also fulfil their traffic safety obligations with good lighting.


Various lights with motion detector.
Around the house, personal style determines whether the entire area or just individual zones such as the façade, driveways, paths, garden or patio should be illuminated. Both decorative and functional solutions are suitable for outdoor lighting. A motion detector also saves electricity.

Illuminate each zone individually.


  1. Plan enough connections for the lighting and power supply in advance so that you have every opportunity to present the system in the right light.
  2. Avoid floodlights for outdoor lighting, as this quickly takes on the character of functional lighting.
  3. Green areas can also be well lit from the house if the conditions allow it.
  4. Small light sources can be used to emphasise buildings and nature. This helps you find your way in the dark.


If you want to park your car without scratching it, you need functional lighting in your garage, car park or carport to ensure safety. However, well-chosen luminaires can also fulfil aesthetic requirements. This makes the parking and manoeuvring area an eye-catcher at the same time.

Lighting on both sides.
In the garage, lighting on both sides of the garage makes more sense than a light in the centre of the ceiling. This distributes the light evenly throughout the room. If garage doors are opened by remote control, the lights should also switch on at the same time.

Illuminate parking and movement areas well.


  1. Glare-free lighting provides orientation and increases road safety.
  2. Lighting control using dimmer switches or motion detectors allows the car park and movement areas to be optimally illuminated in terms of energy efficiency.
  3. Do not place any spotlights on the wall of the house that suddenly light up in the direction of travel. This irritates the driver as the eye cannot adapt so quickly.


A well-lit entrance area is one of the most important outdoor lighting tasks for several reasons: Brightness has an inviting effect, while uninvited guests are deterred. In addition, a well-lit pathway makes it safe to enter the house in the dark.

Safe route to the front door.
To ensure that the path to the front door is safely illuminated, owners should use path lights or wallwashers. Their beam pattern is wide and distributes the light evenly across the path surfaces. Recessed floor or bollard luminaires also provide pleasant brightness.

Brightness for burglary protection and routing.


  1. Basic lighting with low energy consumption using a dimmer switch provides orientation in the entrance area.
  2. An additionally installed motion detector switches on additional lighting to ensure perfect illumination of the entire area.
  3. By using lighting control systems with different time intervals, the installed lighting solutions can be switched on and off alternately.


Light emphasises the facade structure. It can even effectively emphasise details that are not visible in daylight. These features are only really emphasised by the lighting. Depending on the type of facade, specific patterns can also be created on the facade.

Wall lighting with spotlights and floodlights.
A skilful lighting solution includes frontal lighting with spotlights or floodlights. This type of lighting concept gives a plaster façade a uniform appearance. Conversely, grazing light emphasises the plasticity of the surface when it shines onto the facade at a particularly flat angle.

Staging structures with light.


  1. Plaster facades are often difficult to set in scene, as unevenness may be illuminated.
  2. In principle, the light color should be adapted to the material of the facade. A sandstone facade should not be illuminated with cold white, otherwise the overall impression of the building will change.
  3. The use of a light management system and/or dimmer switches not only increases comfort, but also deters uninvited guests.


The terrace is the extension of the living room to the outside. In the outdoor living room, atmospheric lighting invites you to linger. Even in winter, thanks to the patio lighting, the view outside is not just into emptiness or darkness.


Atmospheric light.
Calm, atmospheric light is recommended on the terrace. Recessed floor spotlights directed onto the wall with the widest possible beam angle are suitable for ambient lighting. Uniform, indirect light creates a relaxed atmosphere. The luminaires take a back seat to the lighting accents.

Atmospheric lighting for the second living room.


  1. Recessed floor lights at the end of a terrace signal the edge zones.
  2. Different light groups combined in light scenes help with orientation in the garden.
  3. Bollard luminaires arranged next to each other can also create a visual boundary and thus define edge zones.


Like the terrace, the balcony also extends the living space and becomes the preferred place to spend time during the warmer months. It is the ideal place to relax and read a book, eat or chat without stress. With the right lighting, you can sit here until late in the evening.

Energy efficiency and insect protection.
The desired feel-good atmosphere is created with balanced yet discreet lighting. If the balcony is covered or has a roof overhang, integrated lights are the ideal solution. Depending on the nature of the balcony railings, bollard luminaires are also an option. You should always choose LEDs for balcony lighting: They are energy-efficient and keep insects away as they do not emit ultraviolet light.

Light for a variety of activities in the evening.


  1. Wall lights provide sufficient light for an atmospheric ambience in the evening hours.
  2. Ensure good color rendering for wall and ceiling luminaires, as this ensures that the outdoor area is displayed realistically even in the dark.
  3. Dimmable luminaires provide the right lighting for every situation.


The garden at home is the ideal retreat. It's a wonderful place to relax, barbecue and recharge your batteries. Especially in the evening, this is twice as nice with the right lighting. Because light transforms the garden and its vegetation.

Play with the lighting effects.
A play of light effects and colors turns the private green space into a romantic park. Ground lights and pivoting spotlights set the scene for trees and small plants. This creates an almost mystical atmosphere and the entire vegetation is transformed into a magical backdrop with white or colored light.

Setting the scene for vegetation.


  1. Interesting plays of light and shadow are created by small and large islands of light in interaction with the vegetation.
  2. Colored light can have a positive effect on garden and landscape architecture, an interplay of light scenes creates interesting impressions.
  3. Take care when lighting or illuminating deciduous trees, where the leaves are missing as reflective surfaces in winter.

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