Hotel Seegarten

Light. To arrive and relax.

Light for loft house and lobby.

Among other things, Olaf Baumeister is a WDR television chef, gin creator and managing director of the Hotel Seegarten in Sundern on Lake Sorpe. Of himself he says: "I like the sound of dishes and voices in the restaurant, like the smell and taste of natural ingredients in the kitchen, strong design and unusual furnishing materials." For otte - nöcker - planung, Architekten + Ingenieure, these were initially the best prerequisites for the redesign of the Hotel Seegarten. The goal was to design a "house of noisy living spaces" exclusively with partners from the Sauerland region and North Rhine-Westphalia. And that with materials and products from the region. The result is impressive: When one enters the loft house and lobby, this pleasant living atmosphere is immediately noticeable. For those who want to relax from stressful everyday life, the Hotel Seegarten offers comfortable furniture, pleasant colors and a very pleasant and finely controlled light in all rooms.

Relaxed ambience with QualityFlex and surface-mounted spotlights.

In coordination with the client, architects, and trades from the region, Brumberg illuminated the various areas of the hotel in such a way that guests and employees alike feel at ease. To achieve this, the company from the Sauerland region supported the interior design with its tasteful furnishings in terms of lighting technology and also set the scene. Brumberg used a combination of direct and indirect light. The basic lighting is provided by QualityFlex LED flex panels recessed in niches and ceilings. A bright and at the same time warm, comfortable light, which provides a relaxed basic atmosphere - especially in the wellness area. The rooms are flanked by surface-mounted LED luminaires with a textured black housing and matt gold interior. These luminaires set accents with their warm light and illuminate the areas that need more light. The result: pleasant lighting scenarios have been created throughout the rooms that make you forget stress and everyday life.

Project: Addition to loft house and redesign of lobby

Client: Hotel Seegarten, Baumeister GmbH & Co KG, Sundern

Architect: otte - nöcker - planung, architects + engineers, Sundern

Lighting design: Brumberg GmbH & Co. KG

Products:QualityFlex® LED flex boards, LED surface-mounted ceiling luminaire (12073183).

Scope of services: Consulting, lighting design, product supply

Fields of application:
Hotel industry | Gastronomy


Project impressions

Art. no. 12445023

MAIGA-S LED recessed spot, IP65, dim2warm

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P72-12 Flexible profile

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P72-12 End cap set

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LED power supply 24 V DC, on/off switchable

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LED dimmer 12-24 V DC, dimmable

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