Brumberg Health and Care
Area of application
Health and care.

Light for health and care.

Good lighting promotes health and reduces costs.


Light ensures safety.

In hospitals, doctors' offices and care facilities, good, needs-oriented lighting is essential for medical professionals, staff and patients. The rooms must be illuminated in accordance with standards and user requirements so that people can work safely and find their way around. Important for this are high illuminance levels, very good color rendering and uniform, glare-free light to prevent accidents and misjudgements. On the other hand, light influences the human organism.

Reliable, durable and efficient.

Modern lighting systems from Brumberg can be tailored to individual needs thanks to innovative technologies and intelligent controls. Brumberg luminaires are durable, reliable, long-lasting and efficient. They also use less energy than conventional systems thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology. A factor that contributes positively to cost reduction in round-the-clock clinical operation. The use of high-quality materials and a sophisticated design underscore the quality.

Light supports healing.

Even when visiting a doctor's office, a positive lighting mood can contribute to a relaxed atmosphere and put patients at ease. Increased warm components in the color spectrum reduce stress and create confidence. The effect of light on the biorhythm has been adequately proven: Light influences emotions. Changes in the color spectrum and intensity are used specifically to cure certain diseases, increase well-being and have a positive effect on body and mind.