Lighting for spa and wellness.

Atmospheric lighting with IP protection for your own feel-good oasis.

Bathrooms have come a long way, growing beyond their function as mere washrooms. They are becoming more and more integrated into the living area and are developing into a private oasis of wellness. This value also boosts the demands made on fittings and illumination fixtures. Brumberg offers high-quality lighting solutions for bathrooms and wellness areas.

Be it rigid or swiveling, round or square, spot, ceiling, wall or floor luminaire - Brumberg offers a wide range of products with IP protection 44 to 67. Luminaires can be combined to form a harmonious unit. This creates a lighting scene rich in ambience. Especially in the spa and wellness area, where relaxation and feel-good sense are the focus of attention, a wide variety of color temperatures radiate pleasant warmth and have a positive effect on body and soul.

In the early morning, the bathroom becomes your "pick-me-up" pill. In the evening, people want to relax and forget stress, preferably in their own spa-like space. While good general lighting is important for waking up, accent lighting in the evening creates a relaxing atmosphere. In places where moisture and electricity meet, the luminaires deployed also need enhanced IP protection.

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FIBATEC LED RGB starry sky set

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SEVEN-R LED recessed spot

Available in 15 variants