Light for hotel industry and restaurants.

Inviting and stylish illumination fixtures create a sense of comfort and a feel-good ambience.

Travelling has become prevalent in an ever increasing quantity. The number of hotel guests keeps rising steadily. Their temporary home is the hotel, and their "kitchen" is the restaurant. Here, they want to relax, enjoy and feel cozy and comfy. Hotels and restaurants are becoming hubs for meeting and retreating in a stylish ambience. Brumberg offers optimal lighting solutions according to the different areas and needs.

With pleasant color temperatures and dimming effects, Brumberg luminaires create a cozy atmosphere in hotel rooms. Highly efficient ceiling and wall luminaires help cut costs sustainably. At the same time, Brumberg ensures lighting comfort and supports the desired effect of customer loyalty: People who feel at ease will naturally likely come back.

Illumination fixtures in the entrance area make a bright, inviting impression. In the lobby, light provides orientation and guides guests to the reception. Over there, hotel staff need functional illumination fixtures for their work. It is also important that corridors and staircases leading to the hotel are not veiled in darkness. A pleasant atmosphere is essential for hotel rooms. Guests hope to live, work and sleep in a room that feels like "their own". Illumination fixtures need to be both functional and atmospherically rich. In the breakfast area and restaurant, a good lighting concept is geared to the time of day.

Art. no. 58260150
from 339,90 € *

SOFT TUBE Pendant luminaire, 280 mm

Available in 13 variants
Art. no. 58214003
from 699,90 € *

CELTIS MIDI LED surface mounted luminaire 420 mm, with indirect light component

Available in 4 variants
Art. no. 12443253
from 103,00 € *

MAIGA-R LED recessed spot, IP65, dim2warm

Available in 5 variants