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Brumberg installation videos.

Luminaire installation step by step.

With our installation videos we show you in short sequences how to install our luminaires professionally. Thereby we would like to simplify your everyday work. Please note: the installation of our luminaires should always be carried out by a professional.

BIRO40 installation video.

Recessed luminaire.

The recessed luminaires of the BIRO40 light channel system are particularly suitable for the illumination of entire rooms. Especially in open-plan offices, large hallways, lobbies or anywhere, you need a high quality of light. However, if you need a lighting system that not only illuminates the room, but also is adjustable to your specific needs, BIRO40 offers various solutions. In addition, the recessed luminaire creates an almost invisible light source, as it is integrated into the ceiling. Moreover, the Brumberg BIRO40 light channel configurator simplifies planning and ordering. The length and shape of the luminaire are customizable according to individual needs.

Installation video BIRO40 light channel system.

Surface-mounted luminaire.

BIRO40 surface-mounted luminaires are installed directly on the ceiling of a room. These luminaires are ideal for large hallways, lobbies or open-plan offices. If you have a concrete ceiling that does not allow the installation of recessed luminaires and need effective general lighting, the surface-mounted luminaires of the BIRO40 light channel system offer optimal lighting solutions. Brumberg provides both predefined lengths and customizable luminaires. Therefore, the luminaires meet individual requirements and are adaptable to any customer's needs and any room situation.

Installation video BIRO40 light channel system.

Pendant luminaire.

The BIRO40 pendant luminaire is available in two versions: as a luminaire with direct light distribution only and as a luminaire with direct and indirect light distribution. At the workplace or dining table, it provides direct lighting or serves as an indirect luminaire that offers ambient light. Combining direct and indirect lighting creates the perfect lighting for any application that requires both ambient light and eye-friendly direct lighting. Depending on customer requirements, the luminaires are customizable in length and shape.