Home and Living.

Light for home and living.

Sustainable and dynamic illumination fixtures create a sense of comfort and quality of life.

When hecticity and overstimulation dominate modern day-to-day life, retreating into the private space becomes increasingly important. At home, people can revive, create their own feel-good ambience, feel safe and secure - in their own home and flat alike. Individual and efficient lighting solutions by Brumberg make it possible to set pleasant lighting scenes.

The versatile lighting solutions offered by Brumberg for the living room are particularly interesting. They help stimulate activity during the day and facilitate the need for rest in the evening. High-quality, energy-efficient and durable interior luminaires create high lighting quality in living spaces with room for development and relaxation.Lighting solutions for home and living are geared to the premises, its use and the lifestyle of the residents.

Illumination fixtures in the entrance and corridor areas, for example, as well as for cloakrooms and mirrors, require good lighting. A bright entrance area makes an affable impression and helps guests find their way around. Illumination fixtures for task areas such as kitchen and home office also need adequate lighting. In modern living rooms, it is important to install dimmable or dynamic illumination fixtures that create a soothing atmosphere and are geared to the time of day and the activities people engage in.

Art. no. 12361643
from 73,00 € *

SEVEN-R LED recessed spot

Available in 15 variants
Art. no. 12461253
from 84,90 € *

LAKIL-R LED recessed spot, dim2warm

Available in 2 variants
Art. no. 12036853
from 127,10 € *

ALTERO-S LED recessed downlight, IP44

Available in 12 variants
Art. no. 12227173
from 120,90 € *

QUBIC LED recessed downlight, with indirect light component

Available in 2 variants