Sauna landscape Eiswiese in Göttingen.

Mission in paradise

Ice meadow Göttingen.

The Eiswiese swimming paradise is the largest swimming, leisure and recreational pool in Göttingen and southern Lower Saxony. On a total area of 8,400 m², it offers numerous attractions, e.g. sports and communication pools, whitewater canal, slides, various floor bubblers and a thermal brine hall. An exclusive highlight is the sauna landscape covering more than 2,800 m²: five saunas at different temperatures, two steam saunas, a sanarium, a double maa sauna with wood firing set deep into the ground and the park-like sauna garden ensure deep physical and mental relaxation. In 2020, under the motto: "More beautiful, bigger, more modern", the entire inner body of the sauna landscape was extensively renovated and the outdoor area was expanded. For the perfect lighting of the beauty treatment, Brumberg was engaged and commissioned with the lighting concept.

Relaxation in light and ambience.

The central challenge was to develop lighting that not only contributes to the relaxation effect, but also significantly increases it. The feeling of well-being was to begin in the entrance area. The decision was made in favor of surface-mounted LED luminaires, which bathe both the modern wood panelling and the marble-look floor surfaces in a well-dosed and warm light. Each individual area of the sauna landscape has been given a well thought-out lighting atmosphere to suit its function and the needs of the bathers: warm and subdued lighting for the entrance and the changing and relaxation rooms, somewhat brighter light for the hairdryer and mirror areas, deep sea blue in the showers and refreshing ice blue as well as a special purple for the various bathing areas. Whether close to the floor, embedded in the walls, under or on the ceiling, outdoors or indoors - wherever guests look, fidelity to the concept and attention to detail are evident.

Lighting technology in perfection.

At the Eiswiese swimming paradise in Göttingen, Brumberg was able to follow its claim and vision of implementing reliable luminaires and durable lighting solutions that connect people and spaces. This project once again showed how important it is to consider different rooms and areas according to their function and use and to design their lighting accordingly. A prerequisite for this is the penetration of the task, the understanding of the purpose as well as the demand for technical quality standards. For the sauna area, Brumberg paid particular attention to reliability and durability and installed high-quality lighting technology - in the interior, surface-mounted LED wall luminaires, QualityFlex LED flex boards, downlights and recessed spotlights with vitaLED (4-channel light) and in the exterior, bollard luminaires from the QUADER series.

Immersion in other worlds.

Much more than a visibility of all things, lighting manages to create its own worlds. It can increase concentration and alertness, let people communicate in a more relaxed way, convey magic or security, and have a warming or cooling effect. In this project, it was both a pleasure and a challenge to set the scene for a site that invites people of all ages to take a wonderful and relaxing time out.


Project impressions