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Brumberg lighting project

Learning with a happy heart

How can we transform standard seminar rooms of an academy into vibrant learning spaces? How can we break out of rigid spatial concepts and design rooms flexibly both in terms of utilization and atmospheric conditions? These are some questions that had to be answered by the Arnsberg architectural office Keggenhoff |who are our partners in an intriguing modernization project of the IHK Arnsberg. The existing seminar rooms at the Hellweg-Sauerland Academy of Administration and Economics had to be transformed such that they could be easily adapted for various other purposes. Using sliding walls instead of fixed walls primarily created the variability in room size. Now, in order to be prepared for a wide variety of events ranging from seminars and company workshops to evening events, the decision was made to make intelligent use of light and illumination fixtures.

vitaLED®">® by Brumberg

Learning in a modern working environment. For students at the VWA Hellweg-Sauerland, it usually means that they have to attend their seminars at the weekend or in the evening after work. It's important, they are able to learn with full concentration and efficiency. It was in this context that architect Prof. Sabine Keggenhoff (certificate in civil engineering) asked her lighting designers (Gebro Herwig Engineering, Arnsberg) for the Brumberg vitaLED vital light. It offers a crucial advantage: The RGBW colored light ensures continuous regulation of white light (from 2,000 to 10,000 Kelvin) beyond the RGB color spectrum (red, green, blue). In this way, the blue light fractions in white light, which are essential for the human ability to concentrate and perform, can be optimally controlled.

If seminar rooms are to be converted into event rooms for evening functions, different colored, atmospheric scenarios can be implemented and called up via the vitaLEDvitaLED®">®control unit and illuminants. The interplay with light beamers and moving heads creates impressive luminaires ambiances that have wowed and intrigued the building owners. In this project, Brumberg supplied the control system as well as the illuminants. And since the latter had to be installed in existing luminaires within the context of modernization, Brumberg developed a special adapter ring.

The overall concept has been tried and tested in practice. The rooms can now be used in a much wider variety of capacities and the feedback from students is also overwhelmingly positive. This project is therefore a good example of what can be achieved when architecture, planning and lighting design work hand in hand.


A dedicated lighting designer

The company Elektro-Hilbricht GmbH from Norderstedt has been a competence partner of Brumberg for 10 years. For Mario Hilbricht, managing director of Elektro Hilbricht, it was an obvious choice to rely on Brumberg lighting solutions for the lighting design in his home and to exploit the possibilities in the field of dynamic light. It should be easy to adjust the lighting to suit the different needs of the family, especially in the heart of the house, which consists of an open living, dining and kitchen area of around 130 square meters. 

Seven lighting scenarios

At the very outset of the elaborate lighting design, Mario Hilbricht first defined five lighting scenarios based on the various activities of the family: Working, eating, watching television, fireplace, starting the day. Each activity requires an individual lighting scene, which is defined not only by brightness but also by color temperature. In order to implement these lighting scenes, the Brumberg systems TunableWhite LED flex boards QualityFlex and dim2warm LED recessed spotlights were used particularly. The TunableWhite solution combines cool white and warm white LED chips, which generate the desired white light temperature via 2-channel dimming. Recessed spotlights with dim2warm LED do not only change the luminous intensity but also the color temperature when dimmed. The challenge now was to integrate the individual luminaires into the respective lighting scenario. The system is connected to the KNX building control system for simple and hassle-free operation. This has the great advantage, among other things, that no further light switches are required and the lighting scenarios can be selected simply using panel, smartphone or momentary-action switch. When the family sits at the dining table, it is brightly lit, while the living and kitchen area is dimmed down. When the family kick starts the day in the morning, a very bright 6,000 Kelvin white light helps them wake up. This is further supported in the bathroom by the vitaLED lighting system.

Project: Interior design of apartment house

Building owner: Mario Hilbricht

Lighting design: Mario Hilbricht

Products: TunableWhite LED flex boards QualityFlex®, dimm2warm LED recessed spotlight, LED wall surface-mounted luminaire move it, DALI LED dimmer

Scope of services: Consultation, product delivery

Fields of application:
Home | Living


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