Area of application
Office and communication.

Office lighting.

Efficient and sustainable.

Making daily work as pleasant and individual as possible is the basis for successful developments. Communication zones promote exchange between colleagues and thus optimize effectiveness during workshops and meetings.

These areas require their own lighting concepts, some of which differ significantly from classic office spaces. In conversation zones, emotionally appealing light is more in demand than functional lighting. At the same time, dynamic lighting solutions that adapt to different meeting conditions, team sizes and times of day promote communication among employees.


Light. For office and communication.

Product novelties and product range extensions for the lighting of your workplace.

You will find new products and product extensions in our new office catalog. Light in the working world, where the focus is on people, is essential. The right lighting conditions prevent headaches as well as fatigue and concentration problems at the workplace.


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Optimize light quality.
Increase well-being.
Reduce costs.

Modern work structures are subject to constant change, influenced by individuality, demographic change and digitalization. Forms of work have changed and project work and communicative collaboration increasingly characterize everyday working life. New working and room conditions have emerged as a result. Appropriately coordinated light ensures productive work and motivated employees in conventional office situations as well as in flexible new-work worlds.

Traditional office areas.

  • Individual offices.
  • Group and open-plan offices.
  • Meeting rooms.

New Work.

  • Open Spaces.
  • Coworking spaces.
  • Communication and inspiration zones.

Ancillary areas.

  • Entrance and reception.
  • Exhibition areas.
  • Hallways and staircases.
Art. no. 40642165

APOLLO MINI LED downlight, square, on/off switchable

Available in 8 variants
Art. no. 77353698

BIRO40 LED pendant profile luminaire direct/indirect

Available in 9 variants
Art. no. 88704173

TRAXX MINI LED track spotlight, on/off switchable

Available in 17 variants
Art. no. 88252173

ARTEMIS MINI LED recessed spotlight, on/off switchable

Available in 8 variants
Art. no. 88397684

MAXI LED track spotlight

Available in 8 variants

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