Light renovation in the Alps.

5-star luxury hotel Kempinski Berchtesgaden.

In the midst of the Berchtesgaden Alps, the 5-star luxury hotel Kempinski has been welcoming its discerning guests with a new lighting design by Brumberg since the end of March 2021. What makes the Kempinski Berchtesgaden so exclusive is certainly its location at an altitude of 1,000 meters, the direct connection to the alpine golf course and the countless hiking opportunities right outside the hotel door (Activity Concierge included). Simply unforgettable, however, might be the "Bellevue" on the rising and setting sun behind the mountains. How can this unique atmosphere be reproduced inside the wellness hotel?

Team performance at the center.

The order to Brumberg, its trade partner DÖRNER and the large-scale installer DEHN ISTATEC: Lighting refurbishment of the lobby, the bar, fireplace and library area, the Gallery as well as individual outdoor areas. And, of course, a lighting concept that fits in with the luxurious ambience of the hotel, underlines it and thus delights both the guests and the staff.

Focus on results.

This project shows particularly clearly that at Brumberg it is the quality of the design result that counts and not the most elaborate use of as many and expensive products as possible. Brumberg Team Leader Sales Support Management Carolin Lucia Möckel: "It's not the luminaires themselves that are the real highlight here, but what they create in the equipped area. The relatively simple spotlights, which we used in different variations of LED spotlights, produce the atmospheric light pattern and the warm, luxurious atmosphere."

Rock walls in the evening light.

The best example of the all-around successful concept might be the impressive stone walls that give the hotel its high-alpine character and are now perfectly set in the light scene. In combination with the discreet lighting of the reception and the luminaire arrangement coordinated with the rounded ceiling design, everything looks as if the morning light and dusk of the beautiful mountain world have found their way into the Kempinski Berchtesgaden - and the adequate melange of 5-star luxury and Bavarian coziness.


Project: Light renovation in the Alps.

Client:Hotel Kempinski, Berchtesgaden.

Products: KACIE Midi & KACIE Maxi recessed LED downlights.

Scope of services: Lighting concept, product delivery.

Area of application:
Hottelerie | Gastronomy


Project impressions.

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LED converter 350 mA, DALI dimmable (digital)

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KACIE MAXI LED recessed downlight, on/off switchable

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