Spot on Sphinx!

Atrium in the KulturKaufhaus Dussmann.

Opened in 1997, the KulturKaufhaus Dussmann in Berlin-Mitte is definitely an object of superlatives. As the only media department store in Germany, it impresses on five of its eight floors with a seemingly endless range of products from every conceivable sector. You'll be amazed at the 150,000 books, 75,000 music CDs, 25,000 films, calendars, audio books and non-books on offer. In addition, the store has its own stationery store, a sheet music store and an 'English Bookshop', which stocks Germany's largest range of English-language books on two floors. But that's not all. The two attractions in the reception area of the media super store are already fascinating.

The mission: to create a highlight.

Two highlights await visitors in the atrium of the Dussmann Haus. The first is the unique 'Vertical Gardens' by the French garden artist Patrick Blanc - a 270 square meter wall planting, which at a height of 18 meters and over five floors is home to 6,672 tropical plants from 157 different species. The second visitor magnet is the nearly 3,500-year-old Sphinx, on permanent loan from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin. And this is where Brumberg comes in. The assignment: The atrium - the heart of the KulturKaufhaus - is to be staged in an exciting and appropriate manner. With a lighting concept that is both inviting and stimulating for visitors and customers.

The challenge: finding ideas.

"A dream project that went off picture-perfect," says a delighted Alexander Lempe, a Brumberg sales representative. "At the end of 2021, Dussmann was looking for a creative idea for the ceiling lighting in the atrium. At the first meeting - in a large group with Mrs. Dussmann personally including the Dussmann planning team - it became clear: It is not only about a lighting concept, but additionally about a design idea for the ceiling construction." With this knowledge, the Brumberg team Carolin Baumgärtner, Rüdiger Lemm and Alex Lempe went to work. The consensus: it should be a daylight control system, and colored light for the mood of different events. They also came up with ideas for the ceiling construction. The client was thrilled and decided on the shape of an inverted step pyramid - a perfect match for the Sphinx. "It was just great how much creative leeway we were given and how decisive the client was. It wasn't about `how much will it cost', but `how sensational will it be'."

The implementation: delivering perfection.

Which luminaires are ideal for the staging? Answer: QUALITYFLEX RGBW, QUALITYFLEX TunableWhite and ATLAS LED recessed spotlights - including daylight control, i.e. white light and colored accents individually dimmable and controllable depending on the desired lighting atmosphere. Alex Lempe: "It was absolutely unusual that we were not only able to provide the lighting concept and the technology, but also to get so deeply involved in the architecture. It was a great challenge, a great honor and a great pleasure." More importantly, the client is thrilled: "The new lighting concept with large-scale, indirect lighting directs the eye to the highlights in the foyer of the Dussmann Haus: the Sphinx and the vertical garden. The perfect balance between artificial light, architecture and technology creates the right light at the right time for the respective use," said a Dussmann representative. "Whether an exclusive reception in the Ursprung restaurant or a reading on the KulturBühne - colorful and atmospheric scenarios can be realized accordingly." You are so welcome.


Project: Spot on Sphinx!

Client:Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus.

Products: QualityFlex RGBW, QualityFlex TunableWhite, ATLAS LED recessed spotlights.

Scope of services: Lighting concept, product supply.

Scope of application:
Education | Culture


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