Hotel Innspire, Munich

Brumberg lighting project

Smart control, more comfort.

The Innspire Hotel in Munich is a smart boutique and design hotel with 34 rooms, 6 suites and a premium grade spa and wellness area. The hotel offers its guests digitally networked entertainment and lighting solutions in the rooms and other areas of the hotel. They are controlled simply using an iPad, which every guest receives as they check in. On request, programmed scenarios such as "TV", "Lights off", "Relax" and "Work" can be called up via the tablet. The prestigious lounge and restaurant with wine bar win you over with their modern furnishing concept, innovative illumination fixtures and culinary highlights. 

The right light for every mood.

At the Innspire Hotel, the user benefits from synchronized functions and intelligent operating concepts. Thanks to Connected Comfort, various applications can be controlled on the iPad at the touch of a finger. Guests can control the room furnishings, the entertainment system or the lighting as required. Illumination fixtures, in particular, play a key role in this kind of temporary home: Light creates moods, has an activating or relaxing effect and thus stimulates both productivity and breaks - depending on the guest's needs. As a lighting partner, Brumberg uses QualityFlex and dim2warm to create the right ambience with intelligent solutions, both in the rooms and in the hotel's spa and wellness area. With color temperatures adaptable to the biorhythm, Brumberg aids the hotel guests in their day-to-day routine. The Connected Comfort App also allows for a quick paperless check-in and also serves as a key card. A further advantage for hotel operators: Scenarios can be adapted, smart devices added and security settings updated at any time.

Project: Innspire Hotel, Munich

Building owner: AG Bau München GmbH

Architect: Mr. Herrmann, AG Bau München GmbH

Lighting design: Brumberg Leuchten

Products: vitaLED 2.0, TunableWhite, RGB color light, dim2warm, wall lighting + QualityFlex white light system, outdoor lighting

Scope of services: Consultation, planning, product delivery, fine tuning

Fields of application:
Hotel industry | Gastronomy


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