Light planning for Lighting convenience and efficiency

Light is a significant design factor in architecture and interior design. The role of professional light planning has become even more important. It creates a connection between the spatial and lighting concept and provides the highest level of lighting comfort with maximum energy efficiency and compliance with all relevant standards.


Lighting concept with priorities and goals.

The goals and priorities are precisely defined before the beginning of the project. Determining the lighting concept and choosing the types of lighting subsequently occurs, then defining the light management and the lights, lamps and control units. Every componentshould make a maximum contribution to light quality and energy efficiency.

A vivid image through 3D visualisation.

Special software programs, such as the leading planning software RELUX, support lighting planners by making photometric calculations for a lighting system. RELUX provides all the necessary programs and data for preparing professional planning. A graphic computer display conveys a vivid image of the property and the light planning as a 3D visualisation. This includes both the basic lighting as well as the accent lighting in interior and exterior spaces.

Planning reliability through lighting calculation.

With the help of the lighting calculation, parameters such as type of lighting, lighting intensity and colour grading are determined and checked in advance. The position of the lights can also be precisely determined. The calculation of the correct photometric data furthermore provides information about compliance with international standards.




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