Illumination fixtures for the home individually with QualityFlex - from the driveway to the study.

With QualityFlex, you can give residential buildings a unique appearance: Thanks to the high color rendition value, niches and architectural features can be perfectly highlighted. Even the overall room illumination can be realized without any problems using suspended stretched ceilings. Find out here how to use QualityFlex to illuminate every area of the house as per your taste.

Facade. Illumination fixtures in each zone.

The first impression counts - so what if it’s dark! Good outdoor lighting with QualityFlex Offshore optimally sets the scene for the house facade, driveway, garage and paths, thus enhancing the value of the property. Exterior lighting also ensures orientation and safety by scaring off uninvited guests.

Terrace and balcony. Illumination fixture for the outdoor living room.

Accent lighting creates a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace. The general lighting should not be too bright. Backlighting or coved lighting with QualityFlex Offshore creates a cozy atmosphere and is particularly tempting in summer for long nights in the garden at home.

Entrance area. Interplay of direct and indirect light.

The entrance area serves as the calling card of a flat. This is where the guests pick up their first impressions. Illumination fixtures in this passageway should appeal to residents and visitors and make them want to come in and stay. Atmospheric lighting accents with QualityFlex Select on furniture or decorative objects create alluring effects.

Living room. Soothing atmosphere owing to different light colors.

Variable illumination fixtures in the living room provide the perfect light for every activity. Playing with direct and indirect illumination fixtures with QualityFlex Prime, dim2warm or TunableWhite creates pleasant moods. The lighting tones can thus be optimally adjusted to the requirements of those on site at any time of day or night.

Bedroom, children’s room and dressing room. Indirect lighting accents create a sense of comfort.

As well as good general lighting for reading, dressing and playing, good accent lighting with QualityFlex Prime can selectively and effectively create the desired atmosphere. In the evening, for example, warm white coves of light make for a cozy ambience. Color accents can be set with QualityFlex RGB(W).

Kitchen. Illumination fixtures light up the work areas as per the requirement

Those who slice, cook or fry food also require brightness. With QualityFlex Performance, the working light can be placed almost without shadow underneath cabinets. Running zones and individual structural elements can be illuminated and staged according to requirements. Illumination fixtures thus ensure greater safety and stunning effects.

Bathrooms/Spa. Illumination fixture for waking up and relaxing.

Bathrooms are pick-me-ups in the morning and private oasis of wellness in the evening. The morning shower in combination with the right illumination fixture has an energizing effect. In the evening, you can forget stress and just relax. So lighting should be designed to be easily adaptable to different moods. QualityFlex RGBW provides optimum lighting accents in private spa areas.

Study. Light for working with concentration.

In a home office, lighting should above all fulfil one condition: Creating optimum ambience for working with concentration. For general lighting, a lighting level between 300 and 500 lux is recommended. In combination with indirect background lighting with QualityFlex TunableWhite, the room takes on a character of its own.

Configure your lighting solution now with QualityFlex.

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