LED flex boards for basic and accent lighting.

Architectural light lines.

QualityFlex LED flex boards from Brumberg are adjustable in length and can be used in a variety of applications, from stylish accent lighting to complex lighting solutions. As atmospheric or orientation light as well as for room illumination, QualityFlex forms an architectural light line for almost any type of installation.

Whether as recessed, surface-mounted or pendant lamps, all Brumberg LED flex boards can be used in combination with the corresponding aluminum profiles for almost any application. The various product lines differ in color rendering, luminous intensity, coating and protection class.

Benefits for you

Long service life, efficient and powerful.

From a technical point of view, the QualityFlex LED flex boards are highly efficient and powerful, as they feature an economical SMD LED . They can also be used for continuous illumination due to their low energy consumption and comparatively low heat emission. The excellent thermal management on the flexible PCB trace in combination with the aluminum profiles results in a particularly long LED service life of 50,000 hours on average.


QualityFlex can be easily assembled thanks to the numerous configuration options. Using the online configurator, the Brumberg main catalog "Light 2020" or the QualityFlex catalog, you can easily assemble your LED flex boards.  


The QualityFlex product range comprises five different classes. QualityFlex thus enables customized lighting solutions that are specifically geared to the respective customer, building and room requirements, Be it wall, ceiling or floor mounting.


Brumberg delivers everything from one single source: LED-Flex boards, aluminum profiles, controllers and power supplies. QualityFlex also comes with high-quality 3M adhesive tape to facilitate installation. Thus, the illuminants can be installed exceptionally quickly.

The QualityFlex product system.

Four components, one lamp.

A lighting system for simple to demanding lighting tasks.

Four QualityFlexpower classes.


QualityFlex Select.

Balance of color rendering and efficiency. QualityFlex Select LED flex boards offer a good balance of color rendering and efficiency. They are ideal for use in accent and ambient lighting in the monochrome white, red, green, blue and amber ranges.

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QualityFlex Performance.

Lighting quality all along the line. With QualityFlex Performance, Brumberg offers LED flex boards for the most demanding indoor applications. The color rendering is CRI > 95, which ensures high color stability. The delivery length of up to 30 meters enables particularly efficient processing.

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QualityFlex Special Applications.

Lighting quality all along the line. With QualityFlex Special Applications, Brumberg offers LED flex boards that are specially tailored to their respective area of application. They are used in special lighting tasks and filigree lighting solutions.

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QualityFlex Offshore.

Robust LED flex boards for outdoor applications. Thanks to their polyurethane sheathing, QualityFlex Offshore LED flex boards with protection class IP68 are seawater-proof as well as resistant to UV, solvents and chlorine.


BB-Flex. Good prices, good illumination.

Our BB-Flex series is the all-rounder range for all beginners in the field of LED flex boards. It scores with the usual illumination quality of Brumberg QualityFlex at convincing prices.
Ideal for simple and standardized accent and decorative lighting solutions, the BB-Flex series consists of:

  • 10 x BB-Flex LED flex boards.
  • 3 x BB profiles.
  • 2 x BB covers.

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