LED flex boards for basic and accent lighting.

Brumberg's QualityFlex LED flex boards can be flexibly adjusted in length and are suitable for numerous applications, from stylish accent lighting to complex lighting requirements. As atmospheric or orientation light as well as for room illumination, QualityFlexforms an architectural light line for almost any type of installation. The various product lines differ in luminous intensity, coating and protection class. The low space requirement and flexible modularity practically set no limits to the application.

The configurator.

The modular system of QualityFlex offers you the right lights for every application along with the appropriate accessories. The LED flex boards can be easily and diversely integrated into the entire architecture or simply into individual pieces of furniture.

Design your new indoor or outdoor illumination fixture, completely ready for installation with the Brumberg QualityFlex Configurator powered by FEELSMART. You can easily forward the finished planning PDF to your nearest Brumberg Competence Partner. 

The QualityFlex product system.

Boards - Profiles - Accessories.

120 LED flex boards.

LED flex boards in solid construction, individually selectable lengths from 3 m to 30 m (with one feed) and different
power ranges. Available in up to five white color temperatures - from cool white to warm white. Various boards for indoor and outdoor applications in up to four protection classes: IP00, IP60, IP67 and IP68.

26 profiles.

For recessed, surface-mounted and pendant requirements. Available as a 2 m profile pre-assembled in the desired length or as a profile set. A defined selection of accessories such as covers, end caps and profile fastenings is available for each profile.

Large selection of controls.

Extended product portfolio of useful components and controls for KNX, DALI, 1-10 V, DMX, ZigBee, wireless technology, TunableWhite

The QualityFlex product system - simplified.

The five-stage QualityFlexline.


The ideal gateway to the field of LED flex boards.

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First-class luminous efficacy and color rendering. Very efficient and powerful with the latest SMD LED chip generation.

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A product portfolio tailored to the highest demands for high-quality applications in the interior.

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Brumberg offers various solutions for numerous fields of application, which are tailored to the respective field of application according to customer requirements.

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Particularly robust LED flex boards with polyurethane coating for extreme outdoor conditions.


Illumination fixture for the home.

With QualityFlex, you can give residential buildings a unique appearance: Thanks to the high color rendition value, niches and architectural features can be perfectly highlighted. Even the overall room illumination can be realized without any problems using suspended stretched ceilings. Here you can find out how to achieve unique lighting effects with QualityFlex by setting individual areas in the right light.

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QualityFlex lexicon.

Do you have question marks spread across your face regarding some technical terms, or do you want precise information on control systems and lighting technology? In the QualityFlex lexicon, we have explained all the important vocabulary for you briefly and concisely.

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The QualityFlex sample case.

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QualityFlex Catalogue

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