Art.-Nr. H2191.07

High voltage recessed spot, GZ10

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H2191.07 weiß
H2191.20 edelstahl klar gepulvert
H2191.22 edelstahl

recessed spot, weiß, round. In a compact design, for installation in tool-less rapid assembly systems. Inkl. Hochvoltbügel zur normgerechten Zugentlastung. Lamp holder: GZ10, Mounting method: Flush mounting, Place of installation: Ceiling-mounted, material: Stainless steel, IP protection class: according to DIN EN 60529 IP20, Protection class: (EN 61140) II, voltage: 230V AC 50Hz, Power: max. 50W, amount of light sources / fittings: 1.0 Stk, Adjustability: swivelling, Type of dimming: other, .

  • Prüfzeichen 1: III
  • material: Edelstahl
  • version: GZ10
  • Power: GX5.3
  • Lamp type: Für HV-Halogenlampe
  • Mounting method: Einbaumontage
  • Place of installation: Deckenmontage
  • Energy efficiency class: GZ4
  • Built-in diameter: 68.0 mm
  • IP protection class: None
  • voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Protection class: II
  • Swivel angle: 25.0 °
  • amount of light sources / fittings: A
  • Built-in depth: 125.0 mm
  • circuit type: Parallelschaltung
Art.-Nr. 2191.07
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