The Brumberg Outdoor Highlights 2020.

With friends on the terrace or relaxing by yourself on the balcony - no matter how you prefer to spend your soft summer nights: Brumberg has the perfect and standardized luminaires for each and every function and area of application. Also available as a product line with a consistent design for indoor and outdoor areas. We thus assist our customers in adapting gardens, terraces and balconies to the respective needs of their occupants. With our outdoor luminaires, we turn buildings into visual delights and every outdoor area into your own private park.


Impact resistant with adjustable light color.

EYE is particularly impact resistant (IK impact resistance grade 10). This feature is a distinctive quality mark, especially for outdoor luminaires. It increases the service life of luminaires and makes them resistant to external influences. In addition, thanks to a switch, EYE offers light colors of 3,000 Kelvin, 4,000 Kelvin and 5,700 Kelvin that can be adjusted on site. These lights thus provide the right light for every situation.


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Clear edge.

The BLOKK series wins you over with its simple architectural lines. Thanks to its cuboid shape, it can be used in two ways: as a surface-mounted or floor luminaire. The latter can be individually adjusted as required. The lights can also be anchored in the ground with an additional ground spike or ground anchor. Illumination used to specifically illuminate individual objects creates pockets of light and vantage visual foci.


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Set unique highlights.

With the SPIKE earth spike luminaire, customizable highlights can be set masterfully. This outdoor floor luminaire with a modern look does not cease to amaze with its outstanding technical lighting features. Luminaires are simply sunk into the ground with the matching earth spike. We supply SPIKE as standard with a supply cable of one meter, a power of 15 W and a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin.


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Accentuate terraces and paths.

The HYBRIDE MINI is made of 100 percent V4A stainless steel. It is ideally suited for floor mounting. Luminaires with a diameter of 46 millimeters set light points with which individual objects, as well as the entire terrace or paths, can be selectively accentuated. The operating voltage of 24 V DC provides the necessary, protective extra-low voltage.


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A luminaire design for floor and ceiling.

With a casing seat of 35 millimeters and a cut-out dimension of 98 millimeters, 118 millimeters or 135 millimeters, HYBRIDE FLAT is ideal for floors and ceilings - thanks to the floor sleeve or leaf spring. These lights are presented in a continuous design that allows for a uniform design of floor and ceiling. Lights of the HYBRIDE FLAT series with six W, nine W or twelve W output produce enough brightness over long summer nights.


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Illumination in puristic design.

The QUADER product line is characterized by clear lines. With its uniform geometric design, it offers matching bollard and wall luminaires. With their different beam angles, it ensures optimum illumination for outdoor areas.


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The outdoor area as an ideal garden.

Bollard luminaires not only visually enhance the grounds, they also provide perfect illumination for paths, access roads or the entrance area. During long summer nights, well-lit paths on every property create a feel-good mood as if you were on holiday. They also guide guests and residents safely to their destination in the dark.

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