Adapt. Light as trouble shooter

The name says it all: Adapt is designed for installation in various mounting scenarios - as spring or screw mounting, for hollow ceilings and housing mounting. Especially for airtight and spatially limited installation situations. Luminaires can be used in conjunction with Kaiser recessed housings and are available five surface variants.



Use existing borehole.

Adapt thus simplifies installation on site in the building project. These lamps are a real problem solver for electricians. Thanks to its replaceable mounting spring, it can be installed in ceiling cut-outs of various sizes: from 50 mm to the classic 68 mm hole size. The Adapt is also suitable for numerous mounting boxes and situations. In the event of renovation work, existing cut-outs can thus be easily fitted with new lamps.

Magnetic front rings.

Lamps can be adapted to their respective mounting locations in concrete or cavity walls. The removable magnetic front rings make installation easier as the screw outlets can be easily reached. The Adapt is therefore also ideal as a recessed furniture luminaire.

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