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Lighting technology innovations 2020.

Lighting technology for standard and project-specific solutions.

We design durable and reliable lights and lighting solutions that bring people and spaces alike into harmony: As a means of orientation, safety, security and joy. This makes work easier, improves communication and reinforces safety - efficiently at all times. Here, you will find an overview of selected innovations from our product range for 2020.

The Brumberg product highlights at a glance.

[Translate to EN:] Brumberg BIRO40 Eingangsbereich
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg BIRO40 Rendering
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg BIRO40 Büro
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg BIRO40 Großraumbüro
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg BIRO40 Finanzkanzlei am See


Modern room concepts are all about people and their ideas. Companies tend to base room design and office lighting on the tasks and needs of employees. Even at home, people only feel truly at ease with the right illumination fixture. With BIRO40, Brumberg offers a lighting channel system that can be adapted to customizable needs and also to room requirements.

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Brumberg's QualityFlex LED flex boards can be flexibly adjusted in length and are suitable for numerous applications, from stylish accent lighting to complex lighting requirements. As atmospheric or orientation light as well as for room illumination, QualityFlex forms an architectural light line for almost any type of installation. The various product lines differ in luminous intensity, coating and protection class. The low space requirement and flexible modularity practically set no limits to the application.


[Translate to EN:] Brumberg QualityFlex
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Privathaus Norderstedt Küche
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Privathaus Emsdetten Wohnzimmer
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Hotel Seegarten Relaxbereich
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg The Bernstein Bielefeld
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg MyWellness Dortmund
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg QualityFlex Praxis BMG
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Privatbad München

[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Sunny 4000K
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Sunny 3000K
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Sunny 6500K
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Sunny blau
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Sunny amber
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Sunny rot


Sunny wins you over with its "direct and indirect" virtues of simple bayonet mounting, flexible light color adjustment and with an additional color ring for the indirect component, which can color-mark building areas. The color temperature can be adjusted on site to 3000, 4000 or 6000 Kelvin.

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Luminaires come in three sizes and offer three wattages with different lumen packages depending on the size. In addition, the color temperature can be adjusted on site to 3000, 4000 or 6000 Kelvin via a DIP switch. The variable borehole makes for easy installation. Moon is designed for both screw and spring mounting. This product line provides optimum illumination for floors, passageways or waiting areas

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[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Moon 4000K
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Moon 3000K
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Moon 6500K

[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Adapt weiß beleuchtet
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Adapt weiß
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Adapt chrom
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Adapt schwarz
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Adapt blank mit Federn
[Translate to EN:] Adapt blank mit Ringen


The name says it all: Adapt is designed for installation in various mounting scenarios - as spring or screw mounting, for hollow ceilings and housing mounting. With its five different surfaces, it fits right into every room concept. These lights are particularly suitable for airtight and spatially restricted installation scenarios in conjunction with Kaiser recessed housings.

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WallKit68 is more than your standard device and yet is compatible with standard equipment sockets. This series offers 8 different versions for the harmonious illumination fixture of corridors and staircases. Luminaires can be quickly and easily integrated into hollow and concrete walls.

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[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 rund
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 quadratisch
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 rund mit Abdeckung
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 quadratisch mit Abdeckung
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 schwarz rund klein
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 schwarz quadratisch klein
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 schwarz rund groß
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg WallKit68 schwarz quadratisch groß

[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Steam Einbauleuchte
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Steam Chrom
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Steam eckig
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Steam alu quadratisch
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Steam Höhenvergleich


Steam is a particularly corrosion and temperature resistant recessed downlight for screw (IP65) or spring mounting (IP54). These lights are ideal for saunas and steam cabins as well as coastal and offshore areas. It is available in: 2 shapes, 2 designs, 2 surfaces and is compatible with 40 different LED modules with the corresponding controls.

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The Cover-Up comes in the classic installation dimension of 68 millimeters and is designed for a number of areas. Thanks to the quick and uncomplicated installation with the clip-in system for 50 millimeter LED modules, it is very easy to install. Here is the show-stopper: With protection class IP44, the Cover-Up can also be installed in wet and spa areas.

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Luminaires from the Konkret series are ideal for modern living rooms, business or sales spaces as well as restaurants or bars. The offset housings in stone optics are a particularly striking feature. Luminaires made of untreated concrete integrate perfectly into modern room concepts. The Konkret product line for ceilings and walls is available in two recessed versions and as a surface-mounted and pendant luminaire.

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Thanks to the coordinated construction system, IMPLEMENT can be used individually for installation and attachment. With their round or square design, the luminaires blend into modern rooms and act as an eye catcher. For optimum lighting results, these luminaires offer glare control and design-optimized light emission - with single or double-flame housing.

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[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Implement Einbauleuchte
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Implement doppelflammige Anbauleuchte
[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Implement runde Anbauleuchte


With friends on the terrace or relaxing by yourself on the balcony - no matter how you prefer to spend your soft summer nights: Brumberg has the perfect and standardized luminaires for each and every function and area of application. Also available as a product line with a consistent design for indoor and outdoor areas. We thus assist our customers in adapting gardens, terraces and balconies to the respective needs of their occupants. With our outdoor luminaires, we turn buildings into visual delights and every outdoor area into your own private park.

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