A luminaire design for floor and ceiling.

With a casing seat of 35 millimeters and a cut-out dimension of 98 millimeters, 118 millimeters or 135 millimeters, HYBRIDE FLAT is ideal for floors and ceilings - thanks to the floor sleeve or leaf spring. These lights are presented in a continuous design that allows for a uniform design of floor and ceiling. Lights of the HYBRIDE FLAT series with six W, nine W or twelve W output produce enough brightness over long summer nights.

IP67 and aqua stop.

Luminaires with Aquastopp should be used for outdoor illumination solutions to prevent water ingress. This technology prevents moisture from penetrating the inside of the luminaires via the supply line and thus prevents water damage. Thanks to the Aquastopp and its stainless steel and glass construction, the HYBRIDE FLAT is very robust and promises a long service life in outdoor use. In addition, the operating voltage of 24 Volt DC ensures protection against accidental contact.

The HYBRIDE MINI provide the corresponding light points. Luminaires of this type can be used to accentuate and set the scene for individual areas or objects. This creates pockets of light in outdoor areas.


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