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The BLOKK series wins you over with its simple architectural lines. Thanks to its cuboid shape, it can be used in two ways: as a surface-mounted or floor luminaire. The latter can be individually adjusted as required. The lights can also be anchored in the ground with an additional ground spike or ground anchor. The lights can also be anchored in the ground with an additional ground spike or ground anchor. Illumination used to specifically illuminate individual objects creates pockets of light and vantage visual foci. The mounting strap, which is also available, allows for installation in bushes or treetops. With its optimized lens matrix, the luminaire series offers outstanding lighting technology and a system output of 10 W or 22 W at 3000 Kelvin color temperature.

Lens matrix for wide-area light emission.

An essential component of this lighting technology are the LEDs arranged in a matrix. This arrangement creates a two-dimensional light emission which makes the individual light points disappear - similar to chip-on-board technology. Luminaires from the BLOKK series also have an integrated operating device. In combination with its operating voltage of 230 Volt AC, the lights can thus be connected directly, enabling quick and easy commissioning.


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