Product System QualityFlex®

01st January 2018


Individual lighting design is playing an increasingly important role in our work and living environments. Depending on the brightness and light colour, light can have a stimulating or calming effect. With the QualityFlex® product system, it is possible to individually configure your own lighting solution. The wall and ceiling as well as pendant elements can be configured from profiles, flex strips and mounting elements as needed. Whether used as functional or ambient lighting, QualityFlex® can be dimmed and controlled to create a comfortable atmosphere. The Brumberg customisation service will provide reliable project planning for any project.


Genuine jacks of all trades

The QualityFlex® LED flex strips are genuine jacks of all trades for functional and ambient lighting. They are dimmable and controllable (DALI, KNX, DMX, 1-10V) and create atmospheric accents both in the interior and exterior. They also provide complete room illumination. At the same time, they are highly efficient and long-lasting. The white or coloured light strips are available in a variety of colour temperatures and light colours. The QualityFlex® programme features maximum colour fidelity as well as a variety of white colour temperatures from 2400 K to 6000 K. Each LED flex strip is available in cool white, neutral white and in two warm white tones.


Flexible adaptation to the architecture

As a roll product with power inputs at both ends (300 mm each) and individual divisibility of the segments (corresponding to the pre-set division segments), QualityFlex® is highly flexible. The light strips are pliable and can be tailored to individual lengths. The innovative product system can be perfectly integrated into the architecture of buildings and rooms. With QualityFlex®, ceiling panels and recesses can be intelligently lit and room dividers highlighted to great effect. In wellness areas, the LED strips create a genuine atmosphere of well-being. Integrated into entrance zones or roof edges, they also have an impact in exterior areas.

The extensive programme of optional recessed, surface-mounted, pendant or special profiles (for example, for glass, corners or stairs) is available in different sizes as well as fixed or flexible and bendable versions. They are therefore suited for any intended purpose. You can find a detailed presentation in the current QualityFlex® catalogue.