Plug & Light: thinking of light in a new way

15th March 2018


Debut at Light + Building 2018: Plug & Light by Insta takes flexibility in interior lighting to a new dimension. These new light plugs invite one to think of light in a new way. Plug & Light lighting control and energy supply come together in a defined interface. The matching light attachments dock onto the light socket via a magnet, can be rotated 360° and are even interchangeable during operation. Light can be dimmed immediately, without flickering. Plug & Light opens up new freedoms in lighting design: sampling und selecting the perfect lighting is now easier, safer, and more flexible than ever. The companies Gira and Jung, Insta’s parent company, have taken up this innovative technology in their product lines, presenting the system together at their shared stand in Hall 3.1 (B90). As premium manufacturer, Brumberg (Halle 3.0, E51)  will present 15 matching Plug & Light lighting systems.

Plug & Light is an open system that can be used in any conventional type of power socket, even British Standard. It gives the room a decorative light directly from the wall or ceiling. Combined with the right light fittings, one can create reliable and easily-controllable light in interior spaces, and both intensity and light colour can be dimmed from bright to dark to warm dimming, depending on the fittings used.

Plug & Light opens the door to a new world of lighting design. After the position of the light has been fixed, the type of light and luminaire design can be changed at any time, even after completion.


Experience new flexibility in lighting design

Lighting design with Plug & Light is extremely flexible and allows your electrician easy and safe installation. Experience a new kind of interior lighting – above all in upscale residential construction, such as in the hospitality sector. The spot brightly illuminating a kitchen worktop provides – when turned 180° – a pleasant indirect lighting for cocktails. A hotel lobby is transformed into an exhibit hall by changing pendant luminaires to spots. A work table becomes a cosy dining table with just a change of luminaire. A wall spot – turned to the right position – serves as a reading lamp. The 12-volt low voltage tension makes this system child resistant; it is also available with dismantling protection.


Brumberg: five product lines

As Plug & Light member, Brumberg has already developed five decorative lighting product lines for market launch, all consisting of one ceiling, wall, and pendant luminaire each. With Saloon, MiniQU, Double, WALLED, and Gramo, Brumberg offers a complete portfolio of high-quality luminaire families to bring the right lighting accents to both private living spaces and commercial buildings.


Plug & Light network

Manufacturers of lighting and building systems can use this system to develop their own luminaires and lighting sockets. They will thus join the Plug & Light network and can actively contribute to the future of interior lighting design. Plug & Light is already bringing together the competences of renowned manufacturers: four mid-size companies have bundled their expertise in the areas of switches and sockets, luminaires, and building control systems with Plug & Light, so that a wide variety of Plug & Light-compatible designs and functions will be available right from its launch.


Insta: light sockets with four fittings

Insta presents the lighting socket with four light fittings: floodlight, spot, pendant luminaire and light machine. Since Plug & Light can be used in any conventional European socket, it can be combined with any switch design and the entire installation can be coordinated. Insta’s development of Plug & Light relies on decades of experience in the area of lighting and building control. Insta’s comprehensive expertise in flush-mounted installation and OEM development links it with the special competencies of its founding companies, Gira and Jung.


Gira: System 55, Gira E2, and Gira Esprit

Gira has integrated Plug & Light into its System 55 switch platform, and presents it in the Gira E2 and Gira Esprit switch programmes as light socket, floodlight and spot, among others. Gira, founded in 1905, went from technology start-up and regional manufacturer of sockets and switches to a leading and internationally recognised provider of intelligent system solutions for electro-mechanical and digitally connected building control.


Jung: LS 990 and A creation switch design

Jung offers Plug & Light in its LS 990 and A creation switch designs, as well as floodlights and spots in matching colours. The company has stood for a skilful interplay of design and innovation since 1912. Its products are precisely crafted and long-lasting – from classic installation to contemporary building technology.


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