Dynamic Light

Adjustable to your personal needs

20th March 2018


The demands on light are increasing. Light is supposed to flexibly adapt to people’s needs at any time and still be highly efficient. With dim2warm and TunableWhite, Brumberg offers dynamic LED lighting solutions that optimally perform both tasks. Users can choose between a 1-channel solution for private applications or a 2-channel solution with separate control of brightness and colour temperature for office lighting, among others. The entire range from cold white to warm white can be fully utilised and finely tuned to people’s needs. The quality of light is enhanced and thereby effectively promotes people’s well-being.


dim2warm - Warm white for well-being

LED dimming effect just like a light bulb Relaxing at home within one’s own four walls after a hectic day – more and more people consciously want to enjoy these hours. The chance to withdraw and take a break plays an important role in maintaining the work-life balance. Soft, dimmed light is simply part of relaxation for most people. It quiets our senses. What can be easily achieved with traditional incandescent or halogen lamps is technically more challenging with LEDs. With dim2warm, Brumberg offers a solution for LED recessed spotlights.


Warmer lighting mood by adjusting the colour temperature

Until now, it was only possible to reduce the light intensity when dimming LEDs. The light became weaker but not warmer. With dim2warm, the colour temperature can also be changed in the lower dimming range. Depending on the type of lamp installed, the temperature can be dimmed from warm white 2800 K / 3000 K to very warm white 1800 K. Dim2white conjures up the highly coveted cosy living room atmosphere, like candlelight or the warm blaze of a fireplace. Brumberg’s dim2white technology is available both for MR16 use and in many LED luminaires as well as in the new Plug & Light attachments.


TunableWhite - Dynamic white light

Enhanced light quality thanks to changing colour temperatures Natural light influences human biorhythm and has a positive effect on well-being. The cool morning light stimulates activity, and the reddish evening light has a calming effect. LED research is increasingly oriented to this natural course of daylight. The goal is to recreate the natural lighting moods and enhance the quality of light. The TunableWhite luminaires from Brumberg open up new possibilities for lighting in different shades of white light. White is adjusted continuously along the Planckian curve by controlling a cool white and a warm white LED chip. In the interaction with a 2-channel dimming, the desired white light temperature can be individually adjusted; the brightness can likewise be adjusted using an additional dimming. The power supply units and dimming components from the Brumberg product range are ideally matched to each other in order to ensure optimal functioning. The following control options are available: DALI DT8, 1 - 10 V, KNX, DMX and wireless.

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