Architectural lighting solutions

March 17, 2018

Brumberg has developed a new range of high-quality, lighting-engineered and high-performance products for professional applications in the field of architectural lighting. This new range of standard luminaires fits easily and flexibly into individual room solutions, depending on the lighting concept. We have focused on three fundamental aspects of lighting buildings and spaces. First, the integration of the luminaires into the architectural concept. Second, the ergonomic aspect: the measure of how much function and how much inspiration the lighting should take. Third, the question of energy efficiency, to ensure the right balance of lighting quality and energy consumption. With our new products, we want to use light to set the stage and structure spaces - for appealing lighting solutions.

Art. no. 82030170
from 15,90 € *

COUPLED Recessed ring, round

Art. no. 82040170
from 15,90 € *

COUPLED Recessed frame, square

Art. no. 82041170
from 28,90 € *

COUPLED Double recessed frame, square

Art. no. 12630073
from 79,90 € *

COUPLED-R LED system downlight, IP44, round

Art. no. 12640073
from 79,90 € *

COUPLED-S LED system downlight, IP44, square

Art. no. 12632073
from 99,90 € *

COUPLED-R LED system recessed spot

Art. no. 12634073
from 114,90 € *

COUPLED-R LED system recessed spot, dim2warm

Art. no. 12642073
from 99,90 € *

COUPLED-S LED system recessed spot

Art. no. 12644073
from 119,90 € *

COUPLED-S LED system recessed spot, dim2warm

Art. no. 12631073
from 99,90 € *

COUPLED-R LED-System-recessed spot, deepened

Art. no. 12641073
from 99,90 € *

COUPLED-S LED-System-recessed spot, deepened