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04 July 2017


The special found in the purist

Challenging task optimally implemented

"The requirement for this luminaire was to develop a cubic ceiling surface-mounted luminaire with energy-efficient, powerful LEDs and at the same time create exciting lighting effects," says Managing Director Johannes Brumberg, describing the basic idea. Another consideration: The design should be discreet and light. The challenge was to find something special within this scope. "The solution and thus the unique selling point was the visual decoupling of the luminaire from the ceiling by designing a light ring on the back," explains award-winning graduate designer Alexander Grimm (Lounge Design). This is also the special feature of the ceiling-mounted luminaire: this fascinating lighting effect creates the impression that the cube is floating on the ceiling. At the same time, the rounded corners of the square luminaire have an extremely harmonious effect - combined with a look that is as discreet as it is simple, the result is a minimalist, very reduced design. The QUBIC LED surface-mounted ceiling luminaire can be used wherever a modern, design-sophisticated ambience, a reduced language of form and a special lighting aesthetic are preferred. "The luminaire itself does not need an emotional design language. It appears cool, simple and clean. Emotionality is created by the beautiful lighting effect on the ceiling," Grimm emphasizes.

Technical details QUBIC

square, white, 3000K color temperature, equipped with a 9 watt high-power LED shining directly downwards and 1.5 watt indirect light component for ceiling illumination, ceiling surface-mounted via screw mounting and 230V direct connection, for use in general or accent lighting, energy efficiency class A++ to A.