Simple assembly and variable hole size.

In our short training course MOON, you will learn everything worth knowing about our new luminaires. Right from construction, through areas of application, to the installation of the luminaires. Plan and install MOON, which is available in three sizes with three different Kelvin values and an optionally exchangeable front ring, and which can be quickly used for lighting.

Target group: Planners | Architects | Wholesale electrical goods | Trade

Learning objective:The video explains the MOON range. Right from the product structure, to its field of application and assembly.


  • Live assembly. MOON and its varied use in ceiling cut-outs of different sizes. Suitable for screw or spring mounting. Tips & tricks for installation and mounting.
  • MOON – so versatile. Product description.
  • MOON is an all-rounder lighting range, whether you are looking for surface-mounted or flush-mounted - depending on customer requirements and area of application.

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