Connected Comfort

Increase in living comfort thanks to smartly controlled building technology

In order to network as many functions as possible such as lighting, shading, heat and safety and to equip them with intuitive operating programs, standards must be integrated across all brands. Connected Comfort provides these standards. For this purpose, leading premium providers have joined forces to form a partnership and are bringing more intelligence into the home across all trades. In the market for smart home solutions, Connected Comfort thus sets groundbreaking equipment standards for value-added living at the highest level.

The motto is: Individuality is the key.  Proven everyday scenarios (e. g."Coming home","Pure wellness","Leaving the house", etc.) provide a useful orientation framework for the individual programming of your own wish scenarios on a KNX basis.


Each user chooses the right product solutions and brand partners for his Smart Home from the Connected Comfort portfolio. In this way, life and living can be realized at the highest level - with an increase in safety, comfort, individuality and energy efficiency. All Brumberg lighting systems can be integrated into Smart Home scenarios. The selection can be optimally adapted to the respective object. In particular, vitaLED®, TunableWhite, dim2warm and QualityFlex® are frequently used in connected comfort properties in addition to LED basic lighting. These solutions are characterized by first-class technical features.

In addition to Brumberg, the Connected Comfort Verbund also includes the leading premium brands Gira, Dornbracht, Revox, Miele, Vaillant, Loewe, Warema and Viega.