[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Mitarbeiter Maximilian, junger schlanker Mann mit kurzen dunklen Haaren und Brille.
The faces of Brumberg
Maximilian Biggeleben

"I look forward to new challenges every day."

He brightens up the day for colleagues with charming questions about invoices and receipts. In financial accounting at Brumberg, he creates payment runs and ensures that we always meet the payment deadline: Maximilian Biggeleben keeps a watchful eye on the cash register. It's a job he thoroughly enjoys. "I look forward to new challenges every day. Even if my field of activity probably seems rather dry to some, I enjoy keeping order in the sometimes somewhat chaotic tangle of invoices," Max reports with a glint in his eye about his daily routine. He faces these challenges with such stoic composure, true to his motto "fortes fortuna adiuvat" (fortune favors the brave). In general, the 28-year-old has a natural easy-going nature that always makes people smile. It's no wonder that for him, social interaction is an important positive aspect of working at Brumberg.

"I like working here," he says.

"I feel very comfortable at Brumberg and get along very well with every colleague. That' s what I particularly appreciate here," says Max, describing the team spirit. That is probably also the reason why he has been with the company for almost seven years. For him, the absolute highlight of his time at Brumberg was the end of his apprenticeship. "Honestly, I made three crosses when the training was over," he admits. Even during his time as an apprentice, it was clear to Max that he would like to stay with Brumberg. His excitement was all the greater when he was offered a permanent position. "Sure, that was very cool. On the one hand, because I already knew all the processes here and didn't have to retrain somewhere else. On the other hand, because I just love working here," he says, as he sums up his state of mind at the time.


"Light is energy."

Like everyone at Brumberg, Max shares an enthusiasm for light. "For me, light is synonymous with energy. When you open your eyes in the morning, still dead tired, and the sun shines in from outside, it just fires you up. It automatically wakes you up," he explains with a smile. The fact that artificial light can also support certain situations and have a biological effect through different color temperatures is a delightful side effect for him.

"I'm a car nerd."

In his free time, Max likes to meet friends for a beer. To make sure that doesn't show on his stomach in the long run, he goes jogging or for a walk to compensate. He has even set up a home gym with his brother, where they regularly lift weights together. This is also how he balances out his second vice: Piccolinis from Wagner. We've been told that the mini pizzas are not only the ideal snack for Max during his lunch break, but have also spruced up just about every day so far - like magic. In addition to friends, culinary arts and sports, Max is passionate about cars. "I'm a car nerd," he says, laughing and proving this claim by figuring out the exact model of his colleagues' vehicles based on a few clues. His next car, he reveals to us at the end of the conversation, will be a hybrid. That's good, we think, because we all have to embrace change - and not just in the automotive industry.


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