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The faces of Brumberg
Gudula Köhler

Such a pure soul.

Anyone who calls Brumberg will go through her first: Gudula Köhler takes up to 300 calls a day - including erroneous get-well wishes. "One or two people would always wish me a speedy recovery because of my somewhat hoarse voice. That often makes for a laugh," explains the receptionist. Gudula is the first point of contact for telephone and e-mail inquiries and is the cornerstone of the company. Her greeting, "Welcome to Brumberg, my name is Gudula Köhler [followed by a dramatic pause], how may I be of help?", has become so internalized that some callers occasionally mistake them for being connected to a recorded message. In addition to these activities, Gudula receives visitors to the company, enters print documents in the booking system, orders office supplies, sends out nearly 2,800 birthday greetings a year, ensures that there is always enough fruit, coffee and ice cream for all employees, and much more

Creative client requests.

Ask her about her funniest experiences and you'll learn that many a caller has asked her for LSD instead of LEDs or for strings instead of stripes. "There are some bizarre requests. As the first point of contact for callers and e-mail inquiries, I've really heard and read quite a bit," says Gudula with a twinkle in her eye. 


"Everything here has a personal touch."

With her ten years of service, she is now part of the inventory at Hellefelder Straße. "Brumberg has become my second home. My work brings me a lot of joy and I really love coming here every day," says Gudula. She has also been able not only to experience the company's growth in recent years, but to help shape it. "When I started here back then, we were about 60 colleagues. Today, Brumberg has over 120 employees. Nevertheless, people still feel like an integral part of the Brumberg family. Everything here has a personal touch, which I appreciate very much," sums up the amateur gardener.

Nature balances things out.

Her passion for her job and for lighting ensures that Gudula carries out her tasks with gusto every day. "You must never lose your passion for what you do. The profession should always be a vocation as well. That's the only way I can go at it full speed every day, even if it gets stressful at times." It helps when the view out the window overlooks the hills "Kehl" and "Odin" and is not only enthralling, but sometimes also relaxing. For Gudula, light is balm for the soul. This is one of the reasons why she likes to spend her free time outdoors. "I can relax in the garden," Gudula explains. Even on vacation, she is drawn to the outdoors. "Well, actually, I think I ought to see a new palm tree with every year that passes. I hope we can all travel again soon without a care in the world," Gudula concludes.  


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