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Field of application
Exterior lighting

Light for outdoor.

Effective LED staging ensures a harmonious overall picture and good orientation.

Good orientation and greater value - these requirements are met by outdoor lighting that sets the stage for houses, walkways and gardens. The trend towards sophisticated exterior lighting is driven by an increased need for safety and the desire to create a premium living space as well. Brumberg offers energy-efficient lighting solutions for house and garden.

As an experienced lighting partner, Brumberg offers a variety of lighting solutions for the outdoor style. Luminaires with LED lights set the outdoor area on scene in an energy-efficient and effective way. Operational reliability and long service life are key aspects of the high product quality. Brumberg offers suitable, standard-compliant luminaires (IP 43) for every function and every taste, including a luminaire range with consistent design for indoor and outdoor use.

In outdoor areas, uniform illumination fixtures are a must in gardens, on paths and driveways. Outdoor lighting thus extends the living area beyond the home and creates a harmonious overall picture. In addition, a well-lit property scares off uninvited guests and makes the premises look sophisticated and well-kept. Positioning lights provide orientation and prevent accidents. Illumination fixtures also help to eliminate potential "tripping hazards". Illumination fixtures make a well-lit front door look welcoming.