Field of application
Office and communication.

Lighting for office and communication.

High lighting quality as a driving force in the modern workspace

People and their ideas are at the heart of the global knowledge society. Modern office concepts embrace the various forms of personal and digital communication - in the individual office, in the meeting room, in the lounge zone. The future is everywhere, Brumberg is everywhere. The lighting experts and luminaire designers use their extensive experience to develop contemporary lighting solutions that promote the sense of well-being and motivation of people working in this knowledge-based industry.

With architectural lighting design and high-quality products, Brumberg makes for a valuable partner for lighting designers and companies. For example, innovative technologies and control systems are available, in order to help increase lighting comfort and at the same time sustainably reduce the costs for electricity and maintenance. This is how Brumberg optimizes lighting quality and energy efficiency.

No-glare light at PC workstations keeps eyes at ease and prevents employees from tiring quickly. Flexible illumination fixture in conference rooms is geared to the various visual tasks performed at presentations or meetings. In the communication areas, harmonious lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere. The lighting scenes that can be adapted to employees' personal preferences with variable color temperature and flexible light quantity are particularly in demand in market. This works in favor of employee satisfaction. Anyone who works in an environment designed to a high standard experiences appreciation and identifies with the company.

LED panel 620 x 620 mm
Art.-Nr. 32045073
€112.00 *
weiß 3769.0 lm 3000 K
4 variants available
LED recessed profile BIRO40
Art.-Nr. 77003073
€301.00 *
weiß 1430.0 lm 3000 K 79.8 lm/W 1158.0 mm
20 variants available
LED surface-mounted profile BIRO40
Art.-Nr. 77113083
€266.00 *
schwarz 1430.0 lm 3000 K 79.8 lm/W 1144.0 mm
20 variants available
LED pendant profile luminaire direct BIRO40
Art.-Nr. 77213693
€365.00 *
silber 1430.0 lm 3000 K 79.8 lm/W 1144.0 mm
20 variants available