Light for shop and retail.

Sophisticated lighting scenarios for brand experience and sales promotion in the shop.

Shops make brands come alive. Lively lighting scenarios are an active part of the sales and shop concept. They are used strategically to stage products and brand messages in a sophisticated way. Lighting solutions by Brumberg present the shop in an appealing light. Customers enjoy their shopping experience.

For every retail program in food and non-food sector, Brumberg provides LED chips with individual color settings, which make food look fresh and its colors authentic. Luminaires regulated by daylight transfer the feel-good factor that people experience in natural light into the shop. In relaxation zones, "natural" light encourages regeneration. It is where customers and employees both unwind. This makes efficient retail lighting by Brumberg an effective instrument of sales promotion.

The inviting window and entrance lighting allure passers-by to enter the shop. The general lighting structures the shop and the various sales zones. Light also guides customers through the shop and to the various product presentations. Brilliant accent fixture lighting illuminates product quality and directs the eye to intriguing details such as color, shape and surface. This sparks interest in buying. The right color temperature creates a delightful vibe and has a positive impact on how long customers spend in the shop.