Field of application
Industry and Trade

Light for industry and trade

High lumen output and intelligent lighting control enhance safety and productivity.

Diverse activities, different work zones, man and machine in extensive, high bays - lighting system for industry and trade must cater to a wide variety of requirements. Efficient lighting technology by Brumberg makes a significant contribution to improving viewing conditions and promoting concentration among employees. Light thus makes an important contribution to increasing productivity and health and safety at work.

With lighting solutions by Brumberg, the working conditions for employees in industry and trade can be optimally designed, especially in 3-shift operation. The emphasis is on intelligent control networks, for example, in the form of innovative sensor technology. Illumination fixtures thus follow the activity for which they are designed to create optimum viewing conditions: They automatically adjust to the prevailing user situation. In combination with efficient light sources, this significantly reduces operating costs.

High lumen packages provide sufficient light in production so that people working on assembly lines, in manual production or assembly can work precisely and meet quality requirements. Luminaires also need to be robust to withstand the harsh working conditions that can sometimes prevail. Glare-free light is a must at PC workplaces in administrative departments. On traffic routes and in stairwells, light indicates the correct and safe way.

Art. no. 15206004
from 319,90 € *

QUALITYFLEX Select LED flex lighting, 5 m, CRI > 90, 28,8 W / m, IP00

Available in 4 variants
Art. no. 88681174
from 179,90 € *

CORE LED recessed spotlight

Available in 6 variants
Art. no. 12425074
from 190,70 € *

LUELLA MAXI LED recessed downlight, TunableWhite

Art. no. 12528074
from 80,30 € *

BOWL MIDI LED recessed downlight

Available in 2 variants