Private house in Coesfeld.

Single family house renovation and extension

Ms. Engelshove, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. In the construction project in Coesfeld, you have extended an existing building with a modern addition. For this project, what was your key task?

Our key task was to preserve the basic structure of the existing residential building. Since this is the client's parents' house, it was of course an emotional project in which we had to show particular sensitivity.

That sounds like a rather high degree of difficulty. How did you deal with it?

For us, such tasks have been part of our daily business for more than two decades. Nevertheless, all clients are different and every project is unique. We always approach client requirements with the necessary seriousness, provide advice where necessary and try to put ourselves in our clients' shoes. In this project, therefore, it became clear very quickly that the old family home and its character should be fundamentally preserved.

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