Spa and Wellness.

Light for SPA and wellness areas.

Atmospheric lighting with IP protection for your own well-being oasis.

Bathrooms are gaining importance and growing beyond their function simply as wet rooms. They are becoming ever more integrated into the living area and developing into private wellness zones. This intrinsic value means that demands on the equipment and lighting also increase. Brumberg is proud of the enthusiasts who develop lighting concepts for bathrooms, wellness areas and outdoor pools with passion and experience. The wide range of products includes luminaires with enhanced IP protection (IP44 to IP67) in various versions. Whether rigid or adjustable, round or square, whether spot ceiling, wall of floor lighting, the individual products always fuse together to form a harmonious overall design.

In the spa, Brumberg lighting creates an atmospheric lighting scene that radiates pleasant warmth with a wide variety of colour temperatures that has a positive effect on body and soul. Wellness through light, staged by Brumberg.