Shop and Retail.

Light for shops and retail.

Sophisticated lighting scenarios for brand experiences and sales promotion in shops.

Shops enable brands to be perceptible and make shopping an experience. Brumberg takes the lead; excellent lighting quality creates an inviting background lighting, vivid lighting scenarios stage the goods on display ensuring their colour, shape and finish appear as attractive as possible. Focused lighting from Brumberg guides the customers through the shop to the various sales areas where accent lighting is used to direct the customer’s attention to the products, highlighting the product quality and drawing attention to interesting details. Individually adjustable LED chips are available for every retail application in the food and non-food sectors, food is displayed fresh and true to colour.

The sense of well-being that people feel in natural light is brought to the shop by daylight-controlled luminaires. This "natural" light supports recuperation in the rest areas, where both customers and staff feel at home. Used in this way, efficient retail lighting becomes an element of sales promotion; customers feel good when entering the shop, stay for a longer period and engage in conversation – making shopping a more enjoyable experience.