Hotels and restaurants.

Light for hotels restaurants.

Inviting and stylish lighting creates comfort and ambience for a sense of well-being.

Ever increasing numbers of people are travelling more often. The number of hotel guests is continuously increasing. The hotel is your temporary home, the restaurant your “kitchen”. This is where you wish to relax, enjoy and experience a sense of comfort. The hotel and restaurant are meeting places and quiet retreats in stylish ambiance. If a guest feels comfortable they are more likely to return. Brumberg offers optimum lighting solutions for the different areas and requirements, we contribute to the planning and implementation with the expertise and experience of a team enthusiastic about lighting.

If functional luminaires with high luminosity dominate the lobby and reception area, then pleasant colour temperatures and dimming effects should create a cosy atmosphere in the hotel room. Sufficient light in the corridors and staircases ensures safety and orientation. And always taken into consideration with all Brumberg solutions; the highest energy efficiency for sustainable cost reductions.