Home and Living.

Light for home and living.

Sustainable and dynamic lighting enhances comfort and living quality.

When the hectic pace and sensory overload determine modern everyday life, the ability to retreat into your own private sphere becomes increasingly important. At home, people can rejuvenate themselves, create their own feelgood ambience and feel secure in their own living space. Light from Brumberg assumes a key role in this process; it adapts to the lifestyles of the residents at all times, responds to the time of day and fulfils different tasks in the various living areas. Brightness is essential for security

in the entrance and hallways. The wardrobes and mirrors must be adequately lit. The creation of a comfortable atmosphere using light accents provides for a friendly welcome to guests and residents alike. Brumberg offers various lighting solutions for the living room, which promote activity during the day and create a restful mood in the evening. Brumberg offers high-quality, energy-efficient and durable interior luminaires to create an enhanced quality of living with space to unfold and relax.