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Brumberg inspirations.

The star architect Frank Gehry designed the main building of the Vitra Design Museum in 1989 taking inspiration from deconstructivism. The visitors are welcomed warmly by the Brumberg vitaLED lighting system right as they enter the building. The illumination fixture adorns it in harmony with the architecture style. Click here to find out more about the project.

How do you breathe new life into old luminaires without replacing the entire lighting system? This was the question the lighting designers of Brumberg had to face in the Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. Here is the result: Brumberg equipped existing luminaires and theater spotlights with the latest SMD-LED chip technology and thus revitalized them.

Fine dining, bistro and bar rendezvous with each other at The Bernstein in Bielefeld. With the remodelling of the restaurant, interior designer Marieme Diene and architect Andreas Georg Hanke have created a spectacular highlight perched above the rooftops of the city. In an interview, they shed light on how the refurbishment was carried out, what role the illumination fixture played in the new concept and what materials they used.