Brumberg The Bernstein, Bielefeld.
LED flex boards.

Advanced range: Flexibly adjustable LED stripes for accent lighting and complex lighting solutions.

[Translate to EN:] Brumberg BIRO40
Linear lighting solutions.

With BIRO40, Brumberg offers a lighting channel system that can be adapted to customizable needs and also to room requirements.

Information. Consultation. Learning.
Brumberg media library.

Sound technical knowledge makes light work of creating luminous designs for projects and happy customers.

[Translate to EN:] Brumberg Spielertunnel Mönchengladbach
A first class cooperation.
Borussia Mönchengladbach.

We are a proud partner of The Foals. Read more about our lighting project in the BORUSSIA-PARK.

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Lighting technology. For generations.
We are Brumberg.

In our company, people make the difference.

[Translate to EN:] Haus der Geschichte Stuttgart Eingang
Haus der Geschichte (The House of History)

How do you breathe new life into old luminaires without replacing the entire lighting system? We answered that question at the Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.

Vitra Design Museum at Weil am Rhein
Vitra Design Museum.

The star architect Frank Gehry designed the main building of the Vitra Design Museum in 1989 taking inspiration from deconstructivism. The visitors are welcomed warmly by the Brumberg vitaLED lighting system right as they enter the building. The illumination fixture adorns it in harmony with the architecture style. Click here to find out more about the project.

The Bernstein in Bielefeld with illumination fixtures by Brumberg
The Bernstein.

Fine dining, bistro and bar rendezvous with each other at The Bernstein in Bielefeld. In an interview, architects Marieme Diene and Andreas Georg Hanke shed light on how the refurbishment was carried out and what role lighting plays in the new concept.  

Hotel Seegarten

Get to know here how Brumberg accentuates the unique ambience and exclusive style of design for Hotel Seegarten with its lighting concept.

Private house, Vreden.

With our lighting solutions for Home|Living, we create unique living spaces. Here, you can learn all about how Brumberg uses illumination fixtures to stage the sophisticated architectural design of a private home.

Brumberg IHK Arnsberg
Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), Arnsberg.

vitaLED allows for versatile use of the seminar rooms in the IHK Arnsberg as part of the modernisation and redesign of the seminar rooms. Here you can find all information about the project.

Brumberg K3 Raumkonzept
K3 Raumkonzept.

Here, modern architecture was the dominant feature of the lighting concept. The most important task being: The transfer of the contours of the building into the interior. We have accentuated the white interior with contrasting luminaires and a neutral white LED lights.

Brumberg private house in Norderstedt
Private house, Norderstedt.

Luminaires that can be dimmed in terms of luminous intensity and colour temperature enable various lighting scenarios in this private home to guide the residents through the day.

Das Restaurant im Hotel Innspire
Hotel Innspire.

At the Innspire Hotel in Munich, Brumberg uses networked lighting solutions to create a hospitable atmosphere. Moreover, thanks to Connected Comfort, all important building functions can be controlled digitally.

Brumberg – Lighting technology. For generations.

We design luminaires suitable for all sorts of lighting requirements. Lighting solutions for generations is our avowed commitment to sell luminaires that enthrall. We conduct our day-to-day business by offering a wide range of functions, state-of-the-art technology and energy efficiency, with a focus on LED lights.

We supply efficient products for indoor and outdoor illumination fixtures. The range includes ceiling, wall and floor luminaires. We follow the customizable requirements of our customers and implement illumination fixture and control concepts in various types of buildings and areas of application:

Fast - compact - always at your service. The Brumberg Media library.

In our media library, you will find all essential information you need to know about our new products. We have also provided quick product videos to give you a preview of the respective product. The in-depth and on-demand training courses offer practical advice on setting up or configuring specific luminaire systems, professional installation tips, explanations of control systems and examples of application. We also dig deeper with the technical specifications of the respective product.

Product Videos  On-demand training courses        

Smart Light Solutions

Warm white to feel good. dim2warm for a warmer lighting ambiance – all you need to do is adjust the color temperature. This corresponds to the dimming effect of an incandescent light.

Dynamic white light. The white light of Brumberg's TunableWhite luminaires can be seamlessly regulated along the Planck curve - from warm to cool white.

Spotlight sets including the converter. LED recessed ceiling spotlights with converter. For simple, quick and safe installation.

Intelligent lighting control. eNet enables the integration of all 1-channel lighting solutions into the building control system via wireless technology. All of the Brumberg power supply units are eNet compatible.

The safe standard. Luminaires from Brumberg can be connected to KNX control systems. By doing so, light colors and spectra as well as color saturation and intensity can be changed and controlled.

Sets for error-free installation. Brumberg has developed different sets to simplify the planning, the ordering process and the installation for all parties involved. That is how we can optimally support planners and installers.

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