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Professional lighting solutions for almost all application fields.


For 140 years Brumberg Leuchten has been making a name for itself as a luminaire manufacturer in the field of high-grade lighting technology, and it is now one of the leading suppliers. The company supplies professional lighting solutions for nearly all applications. Our success in the market is based on the high standards we set for ourselves: uncompromising quality, individuality, adaptability, and response to customers‘ requirements, as well as a continuous process of innovation in all aspects of our business. When creating our products our rule is always: precision, perfection, and the highest quality materials combined with proven functionality.


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Design meets quality

Force up efficiency – Reduce energy consumption

With its pure and excellent design, the new „Black + White“ range’s application field is for instance in a modern living area and in the premium object field. Public areas are also graded up and put in perspective light by this sophisticated design. The special look with its velvety black and white surfaces underlines the high-quality manufacture of these luminaires.

Light for generations

Sovereignty, ambition, consequence and innovation are the values that we live in the spirit of our brand identity. They are supplemented by our claim to social responsibility and team spirit, which we intensively pursue just like the observance of technical and service-based quality.

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